Without gun, stick, stone or any form of weapon,

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Without gun, stick, stone or any form of weapon,

By Wol Atak

we will match peacefully to demand President Salva Kiir and his regime resign. We are revoking our mandate through popular uprising. 16 years of brutal leadership and wars are enough.

For men and women in uniform, we tell you join us and let’s free you from abuses by the regime in Juba. You deserve to be paid well enough so you can care for your families. Your salaries need to be paid to you on time. You deserve to live in barracks and well equipped to defend the country. The regime in J1 is not doing you any justices.

The civil population is starving including the government employees. There is no country where you work yet you starve at the same time. This is so because you are poorly paid and most often your salaries not paid on time. You are not paid your salaries because the officials in the government pocket your money.
This regime in Juba must fall by your action.

The corrupt officials are minority and we are the majority. Let us send them home.

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