Why the Riek Machar Politician is Against Self-Determination

By Capt. Mabior Garang

The Riek Machar Politicians think self-determination is an award or title given to a political godfather who one looks up to. “Riek Machar is the father of Self-determination “, they like to shout with enthusiasm. The principle of self-determination has been confused with the founding of our first Republic. Prior to being pushed out of the SPLM-IO, we proposed Agricultural Projects to the leadership -since 2014- to be supported by the Movement. These ideas were promptly rejected by the growing anti-intellectual lobby group in the Movement. They dismissed these ideas as “wild ideas” and labeled us “loose cannons”. They even called us “Communist” because we declared our war on hunger, not against our fellow countrymen and women.


These myopic politicians pushed out all the brains behind the success of the Movement. They felt they had arrived when they rushed to Juba and would no longer need people -it was their “turn to eat”! They convinced themselves and their new found godfather, nobody else was qualified to cash in on the immense suffering of our people, they felt entitled to the blood our people shed in the name of economic reforms and democratisationof our politics. The movement suddenly transformed from a reform Movement to a suffering competition between our communities. This was not done as an assessment for reconstruction and healing. No! It was the method used to lobby Riek Machar for positions. It was no longer about the welfare and prosperity of our civil population.

The indignation of the Riek Machar Politicians on the suffering of our civil population, turned out to be populist outrage. They have instead climbed to the highest offices in our land over the bones of our precious civil population.

This is mischief!

You have witnessed the unprovoked, vicious attacks by the hired keyboards of the traditional elite -in the opposition (IO)- who colluded with the traditional elite in the government to rob our civil population of the opportunity to “organize, not agonize”. All we are doing is organizing farmers to build their capacity so that our people can be able to feed themselves. We are not interested in the positions Riek Machar is using as a system of patronage in his bizarro Game of Thrones.

Fellow Junubeen,

Ask yourselves, why is the Riek Machar Politician against food? Why is it causing great discomfort within the “IO Luak” in Juba? It is because these Political Thugs are happy with the status quo, they have never been for change. They are against our people farming because this ruins their war economy, which is the only politics they know. They cannot survive outside of this mischief.

That (zadu) is mischief!

The rainy season has started let us join the war on hunger. The Youth of Bhar-el-Gazal, Equatoria and Upper Nile must unite against these dark forces in our land, they want to keep the Youth divided and financially weak. The NCSS shall promote agribusiness to our Youth as a means of creating wealth. The war economy is untenable. It may gain one a few riches here and there, but it cannot build generational wealth. It has no future except to feed the children of a few families in our land. Let us not allow the Riek Machar Politician to use other peoples’ children as cannon fodder in their unscientific pursuit of power.

You will hear from us!

Cpt. Mabior Garang,
Mobile Office,


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