Why do many women wet the bed nowadays. Why?”

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“Why do many women wet the bed nowadays. Why?”

These days, women prepare for sex more than we ever prepared for exams. A woman that was never lubricated enough is now close to squirting.

That lady that you met once and decided to never go back because of the pain she left behind has now confused you to lay her one more time, and there it is – water like never before.

There are so many reasons why a woman would be naturally lubricated enough, and there are reasons why she wouldn’t.

You can tell how a woman feels about you by how wet she gets when she is going to lay you. A woman will get wet at the mention of your name if she craves to chew you.

I believe every woman can squirt depending on how she feels about you. When a woman is comfortable, well taken care of, and nothing is worrying her, she will let go, and the rivers will flow.

That is not to say that all this water running around is genuine. 3/5 women are drinking, smearing, inserting something to be lubricated enough.

If a woman has to drink something to get wet, she doesn’t love you enough. Women are doing all types of things to make sure that by the time you slide in, she is wet enough for you.

Most of these things are herbal, so if your sense of smell is not confused, you will be able to sniff the herbs out. Others have been known to insert things down there to melt when the place gets hot enough for action.

This is to the women. Once your body gets used to you feeding it lubrication instead of it naturally providing, it might never be wet enough.

It is also a mind game. You think you might not have a drop of water because you didn’t take that jug of okra. Get out of your head and allow your body to feel things.

Depending on the mood and how psychologically prepared a woman is, she might naturally go dry or be very wet.

You will be able to judge a woman after the first-time having sex with her. Women get so excited about the first time they are going to lay a man.

She will be stimulated enough, especially if your cyber foreplay is on point. The way you chat and talk to her, the things you promise to do to her body, every little thing you want to say to her ear while riding her matters during foreplay.

But do not over promise and under deliver. Do not promise to take her to heaven and back, and you end up taking her to Masitowa in Nansana.

A woman should not need any external help to be wet enough for you.

As a man, do not encourage and fund this type of madness. Nothing hurts like finding a man buying a basin of okra for the wife so that he can find a little bit of water in there.

If you want water, drink water. Drink more. And not alcohol. Drink a bit of natural yoghurt. Do not insert it down there. Just drink it.

The more you hydrate your body, the more lubricated you will be when it is game time.

Women who squirt naturally do it even when you are inside them. If a woman says you need to over stroke her for her to squirt, she is probably preparing to pee on you.

Till next time, it is slippery when wet.

Via Nile Post

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