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When the tribal Politics within the tribe becomes the trouble of the Nation in South Sudan

When the tribal Politics within the tribe becomes the trouble of the Nation in South Sudan

By : Juol Nhomngek

Though the South Sudan Army (SSPDF) downplays General Stephen Buay Rolnyang’s defection to Malong;’;s South Sudan United Front, his defection is not healthy for the Peace Agreement in South Sudan.

It is the strike in the heart of the Revitalized Agreement adding insults to injuries already inflicted on it by the aimless and tribal politics of the SPLM-IG that does not know the interest of the Nation.

The signing of the Revitalized Agreement by the Parties was a glimpse of hope for South Sudan and we thought the National Interest would override everything including tribal interest and politics.

However, in November 2019, the South Sudan People Defense Forces striped General Buay of his rank, dismissed him from the army after being secretly sentenced to one year in prison. Though the public was not aware of the reason for dismissing General Stephen Buay, he himself clearly knows as he is aware of APENY CAM EE HONDE.

It was after he defected the public became aware of how tribal Politics is affecting the South Sudan National Army. It is now clear that the South Sudanese can recommend the dismissal of army generals using the authority of the President.

As it emerged from General Stephen Buay’s declaration, he was dismissed from the National Army due to tribal Politics within their home in Mayom County in Unity State. lt was therefore the tribal politics that permeated the national army and stroke it at the heart. .

Indeed, the trained Army Officer working as Chief of General Staff by then listened to the advice of the civilian politician to dismiss one of the top army Generals without proper safeguards. As General Stephen Buay cites in his declaration, he blamed Tut Kew for his dismissal in the army and the SSPDF just accepted to be influenced by politician whose Interest is to destroy South Sudan..

Now that General Stephen Buay has joined South Sudan United Front and declared Guerilla warfare of hit and run and all forms of economic sabotage, the war has now left Mayom County plus Nuer tribe and it has now become the National isssue. The nation is now going to bleed even more while Tut Kew and his group are enjoying the nation crisis.

In fact, I am not happy with the President who thinks that using tribe to protect the power is good, which is not proper. It is a diaster to citizens and the countrry. The tribal politics becomes a National disaster in South Sudan and there is a need to control TRIBALISM if we are to save this nation.

in summary, Stephen was pushed out blindly without reasoning that what will happen if we dismissed and what should be done to make sure that he does not leave the country. The SPLM-IG with Tut Kew in the Heart of decision making should know that we need peace and it is in the interest of South Sudan to bring General Stephen Buay General Malong, General Oyai Deng Ajak and General Pagan Amuom on boat. If we don’t do that honestly, this country will fall apart..


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