What transpired in Rome

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By Kooryap in Rome

There are circulating photos on the social media that are being distributed by Malong boys that Malong was leading the SSOMA talks with the government of South Sudan.

The claims are utterly a manifestation of dishonesty on the side of Malong. Few youth on the said side are not expressing any remorse for having lied excessively. They are even trying to make justifications by mixing photos. Deep down inside them, they know the truth.

Malong attempts to storm SSOMA vs Government of South Sudan meeting that is being attended to by International National Community representatives from Norway, United States of America, Switzerland, African Union and IGAD have resulted to dishonorable futility on his side.

SSOMA made it clear to Malong that he cannot be part of its high level delegation because he (Malong) had a pre-agreed position and he needed redemption for that using the SSOMA platform and Sant’Egidio’s courtesy.

Malong was rejected by SSOMA on dubious dealings as he has been negotiating on a parallel path with the government of South Sudan and even disrespectfully with members of President Kiir’s family and friends.

The agenda he has been presenting has nothing to do with South Sudanese and their plights. It is all about sentiments and restoration of assets he lost after he rebelled and elimination from the government of the people he doesn’t like.

As appeared in his demands paper as summarized and with precision Malong’s demands are personal and they read as follows:
(a) Kiir must put in writing that the allegations about coup were false.
(b) That Akol Kor Kuc is removed and charged of crimes against people of Aweil and others over alleged coup.
(c) He and Pa’gan are given two National Ministries; National Security and Cabinet Affairs and two deputy ministers; Defense and Foreign Affairs.
(d) All those relieved, whether in Constitutional positions, NISS, police and army be reinstated.
(d) All his properties damaged or otherwise be compensated including collection of rent from the houses occupied by whoever.
(e) Any agreement be and signed by the parties and witnessed by the President of Kenya, IGAD Special Envoy for South Sudan and Sudan.
(f) Demand that the file for this negotiation be handled by Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial, according to Malong, placing his fate under Nhial gives it weight and protection from spoilers (Akol, Bona Gong and Tut Kew).

This summary position constitutes what Malong wants and that is why he had to let people die including a Brigadier General in the person of Manut Yel Lual; whose children are now suffering while Malong enjoys cards after he told Manut’s children to take revenge following their father’s death.

There is nothing akin to the well devised SSOMA agenda that addresses the problem of South Sudan from its roots. SSOMA is a body with capable machinery that looks at issues and not personal sentiments. SSOMA has a well defined position that is not anti- peace but a total solution to what is ailing South Sudan.

While Malong wants to be a Minister in the cabinet of South Sudan, SSOMA is concerned with addressing the conflict from its genesis and complete expungement of all the vices that led to the conflict.

According to SSOMA and which is the best path to take, if the conflict was to be addressed from its roots it can afford South Sudanese a sustainable peace that they will enjoy lastingly.

What transpired in Rome is that Malong is cementing his earlier agreed position with Nhial in their private sitting and even in absence of international guarantors; while SSOMA is focusing on handling matters from the root causes and that is what South Sudanese wants and is getting certification from the International Community with impact of the presence of nations such as United States of America, Norway, Switzerland, Italy and even African Union and IGAD as guarantors being felt.

South Sudanese should be hopeful because SSOMA is not driving a personal wedge with individuals in the government but looking for a solution that is encompassing and permanent with Constitutional Conference to draft unbiased permanent Constitution among others on its agenda.

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