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Western Equatoria State governor Lt. Gen. Alfred Futuyo Described as Dead Wood

Western Equatoria State governor Lt. Gen. Alfred Futuyo Described as Dead Wood

Reacting to the statement made earlier last week by Western Equatoria State governor Lt. Gen. Alfred Futuyo accusing the cabinet of being a stomach politicians, a [senior politician] in Western Equatoria State who prefers animosity describes governor Futuyo as dead wood, who can contribute nothing towards the progress for the development of the state.

Futuyo is a dead wood. A rotten piece that does not withstand any grounding to resist all weather conditions. It can be blown down by wind at any time.

Is distributing educational conditional grants in public like selling vegetables and corruption and culture of violence are the right things Futuyo has ever known as transacting government business? The statement added. He should stop this rubbish! The critic further said, instead he should concede he has no potential to govern and accept responsibility to account for misusing state’s resources unwisely.

Futuyo has no any political backgrounding to emerge to such top leadership position in the state. He lacks credibility and quality and capacity to lead the people and equally the same to govern the state. He has no vision and political direction.

The butcher-turned renegade militias poor illiterate primitive governor was hand picked from nowhere but just to head the state.

I pity him, based on his background this is a man who has never worked anywhere in public, not even a guard to know the system. He is just innocent that is why he is ignorant.

He always acts contrary simply because he has no substance in mind, owing to fact that he has never been in service before at all, neither is he a politician; but instead was accustomed to life in the slaughtering house. He has nothing worth of a public leader proven him competent to administer the state wisely.

The militia commander, formerly referred to as “Arrow Boys”, later integrated into Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army – In Opposition [SPLM/A-IO] always makes such public statements on any occasion praising himself for undertaking development in the state; including shelters raised at the Freedom Square, renovation of medical ward in Yambio State hospital, donation of non-medic machintoch students mattresses to Maridi Civil hospital, unfinished construction of maternity ward in Mundri-Amadi hospital, and a wall of general ward raised in Mvolo, [all of which are implemented using parts of salaries of defunct states].

Compare Futuyo to the most successful former governor, the current Speaker Rt. Hon. Jemma Nunu Kumba, who accomplished major development projects in the state, ranging from Gbudue Stadium, Presidential Villa, State House, Guests House, Cultural Centre, Customs office, various ministries buildings, to renovation of schools amongst others, did Nunu ever make such statements on public media outlets praising herself for the achievements registered during her tenure of office? I don’t think so, the statement partly read.

Since 2012 during austerity measures, the government has never provided for the capital expenditures in its budgetary spendings until to date. Why to claim a victory over people’s basic rights by misdirecting their little salaries to lure the public by undertaking illusive projects at the expenses of the poor? Where does Futuyo get his money from yet there is no investment projects in the state? The critic questioned.

Governor Futuyo has been accused of embezzling salaries of defunct states, misdirecting education conditional transfer funds and county and state grants towards personal gains, soliciting public support and most probably fueling the recent inter communal conflict in Tambura county.

Employees of the three defunct states of Amadi, Maridi and Tambura have stayed at least for ten varied months, August and December 2020, and several others in 2021, raising a public outcry against the governor.


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