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Well-deserved Appreciation to former Chairman of TEYA Beny Ajang Diing.

Well-deserved Appreciation to former Chairman of TEYA Beny Ajang Diing.

As I followed Twic East Youth Association leadership in Juba from the onset when my brother Ajang Diing-Mamoor took the over the mantle of administration from Mabior Deng in 2018 as a chairman of youth, I personally convinced myself that Twic Youth leadership will set unimaginable democratic principles that will make Twic exemplary to other communities, which of course happened.

While we appreciate the manner in which the electoral committee carried out the elections, it would be ungrateful of us if we don’t acknowledge the former leadership of Ajang Diing as the core driver of beautiful organization throughout the electioneering period to the time the leadership transfer occurred. Mr. Ajang Diing-Mamoor has set the record that will guide Twic East Youth both within the country and in the diaspora.

Great leadership is often adjusting and directing your thoughts to the will of those you lead and the guiding document which you took power\oath. Kudos Beny Ajang Diing-Mamoor! you have shown us a way and what leadership means. Albeit your programs didn’t finish because of the constitutional timeframe and the unanticipated outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic which paralyzed the world in so many dynamics, we must say you have completed your agenda indirectly. The way you empowered the IEC as well the civilized transfer of power to current President of TEYA Dr Garang Atem Ayiik is one thing that has summarized what ought to be unachieved\uncompleted.

To the in-coming leadership of President Dr Garang Atem, I once gain say congratulation for winning the trust of Twic East youth Association in Juba. My leadership will work collaboratively with you to salvage our community from numerous problems they are undergoing through as a result of catastrophic flooding coupled unending insecurity. Twic needs services and no single association can solve them. Let’s join hands and work together to do what’s doable within our capacities.

Lastly, the request made publicly on 5th June 2021 by the former Chairman Ajang Diing-Mamoor to support our sister Amam Garang Goch whose studies were facilitated by the former leadership is taken. Twic East Disadvantage Youth Scholarship program has assumed the responsibility to cater for her Secondary tuition fees from where the former leader stopped. This is imperative because we can’t let her drop out just because the leadership which sponsored her studies left. We must always stand side by side we never know who his\her education shall produce another Dr. Garang de Mabior.


Aroktiamthoon Garang Dut,

President-Twic East Youth Association of Australia(TEYAA)


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