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Wani Konga threatens use of army to recover stolen cattle in Terekeka


The former Governor of Central Equatoria state has threatened to seek the intervention of the army if cattle raiders from Terekeka do not return stolen animals.

“This is an order. I will send soldiers to you so that you reveal the whereabouts of the stolen animals,” Clement Wani Konga stated.

He said any stolen animal – mostly cows and goats –must be recovered and given back to their rightful owners.

There have been violent incidents among the Mundari cattle keepers for about 3 months now.

Tensions began in October 2020, after the killing of Clement Wani Konga’s son.

Over the weekend, the communities of Tali, Muna and Tindilo resolved to stop the violence and recover all stolen cattle and other properties taken during the months of violence.

They also agreed to establish mobile courts to try suspected perpetrators of the recent cattle raids.

Mr. Konga who is the chairperson of the Mundari community said the army will be sent to enforce the resolutions if the communities do not cooperate.

“Any cattle that belong to communities in Terekeka must immediately be returned, and only cattle belonging to the Terekeka community should remain.”

The Information Secretary of the state peace and reconciliation committee, Clement Maring Samuel said the violent communities have agreed to abide by their resolutions.

“They have accepted to return the cattle which each community raided,” he disclosed. “They also agreed to take legal measures against anyone who causes destruction in other communities of another.

Maring added that the communities are “the ones who suggested that they should be reconciled. So the [peace] initiative came from them. It was extremely fruitful.”

Religious leaders say the communal conflict in Terekeka County has killed more than 50 people.

In Juba alone, more than 15 people died and hundreds were displaced to schools and churches.



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