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Veteran Musician Achuei Deng inaugurates New borehole in Rumbek National Secondary School

A new borehole was drilled at Rumbek National secondary in Rumbek centre county of lakes state last year and part her visiting Lakes state capital Rumbek.

The students in Rumbek National secondary school where living in dilapidated main water shortage could not have access to quantities or enough water for the high human. The entire school relied on some Wells nearby the school or going to fetching water leading to the villagers waiting in long lines to collect water sometimes pupils ending fighting

This situation led to an increased risk of water-borne diseases to humans as women and girls fetched water from nearby watering troughs.

This borehole will have reduced waiting time during collection. Promotion the security of young girls and boys Preserved hygiene during water collection and human conflict among themselves

Now. With the new borehole right on campus, girls. and boys with their neighbours can drink clean water, and they are healthy to study. This borehole is located at the edge of the school property.

Rumbek National secondary school is the oldest secondary school in South Sudan which have produce National leaders like late Dr John Garang alongside others in the Country history of today.

Veteran Musician Achuei Deng has made a huge contributions more than Alumni who have pass through the institutions in 1970


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