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UN rights body to submit list of rights violators to Hybrid Court

The UN Rights Commission for South Sudan says the body has listed the names of individuals who have committed serious human rights violations and that it will share them with the Hybrid Court.

Andrew Clapam, a member of the UN Human Right Commission in the country told reporters in Juba Friday, that serious crimes and violence continue to happen in South Sudan recurrently.

He added that “the crimes often occur in the same places by the same perpetrators, yet no action has been taken to put an end to the vices.’

Clapam stated that the commission has gathered enough evidence that some militias and armed groups often round up women and girls to carry their stolen food and rape them for days.

Clapam made the statement upon the conclusion of the commission’s recent eleventh visit to South Sudan after visiting Upper Nile and Bentiu states.

“Our commission has gathered evidence that militia there acting under government orders systematically rounded up women and girls, forced them to carry stolen food to Koch county and raped them for days,” he said.

“These are serious crimes under South Sudan’s laws as well as International laws, yet no one has been held accountable and the government officials remain in office.”

Clapam said that the commission continues to record the individuals who are criminally liable for committing human rights violations.

The violations he said, constitute serious crimes and that the information will further be shared with the Hybrid Court for accountability process.

“This list and much of the information collected by the commission more broadly could eventually be made available to share with the Hybrid Court or with other suitable accountability processes,” he said.

“We consider that impunity is a key driver of the violence and related suffering in this country. Impunity should be addressed by strengthening the National Justice system already and in the future through the mechanisms of chapter five.

This week, the UN Human Rights Commission will hold a conference in Mombasa, Kenya, drawing together South Sudanese stakeholders, the African Union, and members of the international community.

The meeting aims to push for the establishment of the Hybrid Court and include the Healing, reconciliation, and Reparation commissions.

The government is yet to respond to the report.

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