UN asks Governor Manytuil to present his account on Mayom extrajudicial killings”.

The United Nations has written to Governor of Unity state Joseph Manytuil to respond to a Panel’s report that accuses him of participating in directing executions of four rebel officers in Mayom in August this year.

Following a military operation in Sudan, four officers reporting to SSPM/A commander Stephen Buay, Gatluak Majiok, Nyuon Garang Kuol, Pur Ruop Kuol, and Dhoal Barpuoh

Tap, were handed over to South Sudanese authorities. Three of the four men were subsequently blindfolded, tied and executed by a firing squad in his presence and at the command of senior officers and government officials, in Kaikang in Unity State on 8 August, while one was tied and burned alive inside a thatched hut.

Unity state authorities confirmed to various media outlets that executed men were behind the attack at the residence of Commissioner of Mayom killing him and ten other people a few weeks earlier, and that their execution was in retaliation.
According to UN, the acts constitute violation of applicable international human rights law or international humanitarian law, or acts that constitute human rights abuses, in South  Sudan.

The UN Pan says following the extrajudicial killings, several civilians were targeted, threatened, and harassed in operations carried out within the Bentiu Internally Displaced Persons camp, with the victims warned that criticism of Governor Manytuil and his State Government would not be tolerated.

“The Panel would like to make sure its reporting is informed by all perspectives. We would be grateful if you could confirm and clarify the circumstances around these specific incidents. We  would also be grateful for any additional clarification or comment you may wish to offer on these
findings”, added the letter.

The Panel have requested Joseph Manytuil to response in writing by 18, November before publishing of the report early December 2022.

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