Uganda asks South Sudan government to support South Sudanese refugees in Uganda

Ugandan State Minister for Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees Esther Anyakun Davina has asked the governments of the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan to contribute towards the support of refugees’ welfare in Uganda.

The minister said Uganda is taking extra burden of hosting the huge numbers of refugees from South Sudan and Congo and yet the causers to the influx into the country contribute nothing to support their people.

During a meeting with the steering group of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) on Wednesday in Kampala, Minister Anyakun said now is the time for the countries whose citizens have been forced to flee to Uganda to start supporting them across the borders.

“South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo must begin to mobilise resources and send it to Uganda, because it is us who are keeping, feeding and hosting these refugees. It is us Uganda doing everything, so these countries must starting mobilising resources and send it to Uganda for refugee response,” Ms Anyakun told the members.

Uganda has had an open door policy for refugees and asylum seekers from other countries at war. But Ms Anyakun said the policy is being exploited by the neighbouring countries who have failed to secure the lives of their citizens.

C: Monitor


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