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“Twic intellectuals tear apart Dr Majak Agot’s Presidential ambitions with revelations of being architect of Greater Bor disunity”.


Juba.  In a four paged document written by individuals who say represented the position of Twic East, accusing fingers are pointed at Dr. Majak D’Agoot who is said to be among those nursing Presidential ambitions of replacing President Salva Kiir at the SPLM party. The letter poured scathing revelations of how Majak took advantage of the recently dubbed ‘Jieng Jonglei’ that is currently causing divisions between Bor and Twic East communities. The document describes Majak as celebrating the rift within the greater Bor community during a social function by claiming that “they (Twi) had opted out of the Greater Bor Association because it was an empire and a company that does not work for its shareholders any longer”.

The group says Dr Agoot is a self – conceited manipulator, who made all attempts to deceive the vast majority of Twic people during an event at the BMC Garden on the 30th of October 2022, and that his ploy was discovered.


“The infamous pullout from the Greater Bor Association was just a political stunt based on lies and deception. And of all those lies one stood out conspicuously – the claim that the break up of the Greater Bor Association was first started by leaders from Gok and Athooc, who wrote to President Salva kiir Mayardit in 2016 and 2017, requesting their own state excluding Twic, Hol and Nyarwreng,” says the document.
“But a quick facts -check exercise of that claim would easily reveal that Twic leaders also wrote to President Salva Kiir Mayardit requesting their own state as well Both sides at the time requested the break-up of what was then Jonglei state into two, It was not a request from one side so as to warrant a reaction and subsequent withdrawal from Greater Bor Association” the group further explains.
In a statement extended to Thejubamirror news Desk, it stated that the falsehood is now proven right that the whole promise on which the withdrawal from Greater Bor Association was nestled was on a big lie, and made by the chief architect of the disunity project in the person of Dr. Majak D’Agoot. They reiterated that Greater Bor Association is not and has never been a political alliance, and anyone hoping that the association would propel a politician to leadership or ministerial positions was beating a dead horse.
The group further described Majak as a character engrossed in various lies to suit his lust for power, to an extent of claiming that a rod given to him back in 2014 in the church after his release from prison as a token of recognition of his leadership meant he was the “chosen one”.
They concluded that it would be unacceptable to allow delusional and over-ambitious politicians to destroy the community because any individual who wants positions in the political achelon of a party or a ministerial docket are subject to process of representational considerations and by the President and did not require dividing the community to achieve it.

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