Truck driver killed in tragic accident along Juba-Nimule road

A commercial truck overturned along the Juba-Nimule highway, Friday afternoon killing the driver, national police confirmed.

The Police Spokesperson Major General Daniel Justin said the unnamed male driver  en-route to Juba from Nimule, died after the truck he was driving overturned at Jebellen.

“On the way to Juba from Nimule, a truck overturned killing the driver at a place called Jebellen along the Juba-Nimule road yesterday,” said General Daniel Justin.

The heavy truck reportedly blocked the road, causing a backlog of commercial and passenger vehicles bound for, and heading out of the country.

Juba-Nimule highway is a lifeline to South Sudan, being the only functioning transport route connecting Juba to the countries of Uganda and Kenya, where essential commodities are imported from.

The road has however continued to witness deadly accidents, including one last year, in which 12 family members were tragically killed while on their way to Uganda.


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