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By Suzanne Jambo
30th September 2021

When the bush war ended in 2005, virtually all of us supported our heroes, especially Salva Kiir. We had the same hopes for him that we had for the late Dr. John Garang. Immediately the SPLM took power in 2005 we began realizing the betrayal of our new leaders, their self-awarding billions in dubious contracts and showing us their “entitled to rule” attitude. Politics of dominance, rampant corruption, abuse of power and violence became the norm. Today, virtually all South Sudanese feel they have been punished enough by President Salva Kiir’s brutal and cruel, autocratic rule and want him gone.

In 2021, eight years since a senseless war was declared on us by Kiir and Riek Machar, the status quo of ruthless militarism continues unabated, hundreds of thousands have been killed, four million of our twelve million (one of every three) are either internally displaced or refugees. And they live in dire and desperate conditions. The international community has provided huge amounts of humanitarian assistance, much of which just disappered. Billions for a man-made tragedy, a man supported by the Troika. Unabated, Kiir remains in power, with Dr. Riek Machar as a partner in crime, co-opting armed rebels leaders into transactional arrangements that serve only to delay peace, not address stability or development. This what I term as “peace agreements and subsequent transitional governments are the new elections in South Sudan” because no elections have been held since this nation was birthed in 2011. Ten years and we have nothing to show for our “independence.” All “achievements” attributed to Troika’s’s sponsored, IGAD-facilitated peace talks have only served to cement Kiir’s grip on power, brutalize our people and entrench corruption. From the people’s point of view, the USA, UK and Norway have blood on their hands. They do not think of themselves that way, of course. There will be a case study about the South Sudanese experience as a young nation, and there will be finger pointing. Especially around the stereotypical view that Africans are not capable of self-rule. An accurate accounting of our current status as a failed state, though, would have to include how much the Troika’s nonchalant and apathetic attitude towards our people has provided encouragement to Kiir and enabled his psychopathic behavior, an attitude which continues today. How else do we explain the “toothless” positions and resolutions year in and year out by each of the Troika nations to Kiir’s atrocities, failure in managing our nation’s governance and economy? Even targeted individual sanctions don’t single out the primary culprits as Kiir and his VP Riek Machar.

Historical injustices made South Sudan like an abused and traumatized child when it became the world’s youngest nation in 2011. The Troika nations were a strong presence at its birth with forward leaning declarations that presumed a stewardship over South Sudan and our welfare. But as the years slowly passed it became clear to us that the only South Sudanese who had their favor were Kiir-Machar. They have much to answer for. The years we spent clinging to hopes for change followed by their betrayal of us is Troika’s legacy. Their shame. Their burden of guilt to bear. But we must not hold hatred towards them. They are merely prisoners of an outdated system. They live in a “Court of St. James” world where they feel entitled to decide what is best for others, especially when it serves their own interest. How else to explain their tolerance of dictators in Africa and elsewhere in the world?

Tragically, our lives in RSS are as they have always been; subservient and subordinate to the developed world. But the desire, the need for self-determination is not just confined to those with lighter complexions. We ask the Troika, are we just a colony to you? It is time that you acknowledge that we know our own hearts, that we know what we want. We want to be free of your proxies Kiir, Museveni, Paul Biya….and their cronies and left to live our own lives.

On the long list of critical issues in need of attention is the impact that irresponsible and damaging oil extraction and needless war have had on our environment and wildlife. Important rivers and wetlands have been ruined by ongoing oil spillage. Water once used by a multitude of villages has been spoiled by pollution. Childhood deformities are common in those areas. Wildlife and their routines and migrations have been disrupted. This is no longer the land we grew up on and which fed us. Large tracts cannot be used for agriculture and are now uninhabitable. Another issue that will need attention is the large amount of external debt incurred by Kiir as he mometized his position as dictator. That debt is and will be an enormous burden on all South Sudanese.

Needless to add, we are keenly learning from our neighbors and friends in Sudan who freed themselves by a peaceful, civilian-led revolution of women and youth. We can see how the military wing of the Sudanese transitional government has been frustrating efforts to return to democratic rule and normalcy. The best way for the Troika to make amends is to recognize us, a non-bloodied, corruption-free, non-militarised unified opposition, as the lawful and legitimate Transitional Government, sever diplomatic ties with Kiir’s government and cease all further funding to him. Our Transitional Government will be civilian in nature and intent with a commitment to ending all strife in South Sudan and be a first step to a modern democracy. Our people know us. Our youth and women are ready to come out in masses in support of us. You saw how in both May 2019 and 30th August 2021 Kiir arbitrarily detained our organizers and activists, how he placed his most sophisticated military tanks in all major towns in South Sudan in fear of our joint peaceful resistance, our People Power. Kiir never did this toward armed groups, but he fears an empowered citizenry. Ironically, IGAD and Troika stubbornly continue to urge us to “join hands with military groups.” We will do so, but only with armed groups who haven’t abused their own citizens. We of peaceful movements are organized and prepared. We have plans and for you to learn more you have only to ask.

This is my 3rd and last of such articles in September 2021 which, emanate from a genuine intent to “free Troika off of Kiir’s distraction”, so that the USA, UK and Norway efforts are focused on People’s centred solutions to our crisis, and a manifestation of our rejection of any manipulation by either. For sovereignty of our nation is defined by our People and the Land, not Kiir!

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