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Treat your in-laws the way you want your parents to be treated by your husband.

Treat your in-laws the way you want your parents to be treated by your husband.

By Grace Akon Andrew Biar

I do believe that fair treatment should be two-way traffic for both parents of the couples. Still, there are times we as women feel like our parents should be treated better than the in-laws.

Even when we heard our men planning to support his family, some women won’t be happy. They will start expressing some of their minor problems from their parents that need their husband’s attention.

Some even don’t want to stay with their young brothers in-law and sisters who want to study, especially when their brother is the only one who has the capacity of taking them to schools, they over control their men forgetting that these in-laws were there to support and raise her man and he needs to appreciate them by taking children to schools and uplifting his family.

Sometimes it reaches another level where some in-laws live better lives while the man parents are struggling, their son can’t do anything because he is busy supporting his in-laws while the wife doesn’t say anything, those old people can curse or bless you.

You don’t want him to help his family; you just want him to help your family while he is the only one working, controlling somebody’s son money and when your brother’s wife behalf like that, you start insulting her or gossip about her. At the same time, it is the same thing you both are doing. It doesn’t make sense.

And that is why when you have issues with your man, nobody from your husband’s side comes to help you, simply because you have never befriended anybody from his family, you have only focus on him and your family.

As his queen, consider where you man came from, those old parents and his siblings have struggled to make him a better man before you came in, be an agent of peace between the two families, in every little your man provide to your parents, let him do so with his family, don’t ever turn him against his family


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