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By Bullen Bala Alexander.
A  forgotten student who completed his studies in 20218 is calling on the well-wishers to support finish up his studies like any other students.
Michael Dut Arok Mabior, a student that topped in the country in 2018 South Sudan Secondary school certificate said he has been an orphan and from poor family, and government could not think of helping him to continue with his studies despite being a leading student in the country.
Dut scored 96 percent in South Sudan Certificate of Secondary Education in 2018 making him the best student in the country. He was followed by Kuei Garang Akok who scored 93 percent both were from Promised Land Secondary School.
But since then not even government or any other wishers came to help or offer for him scholarship for his further studies. He explained to Juba Monitor how he made it to top.
“I completed my primary school in Kenya, and after that I joined senior one in Kenya at Bogoma and senior two before and I finished, I was called back by my parent since they could not afford to continue pay school fees,” he said. He narrated that he was sent by his uncle who is soldier to study in Kenya but being a soldier, thing changed as a result, his uncle called him back to the country.
“Due to economic hardship, my uncle could not raise the money that can cater for my school fees and even the family because he is the only person looking after the whole family,” he explained.
He continued that “After I was called back, I immediately joined Promised Land Secondary school in 2016, in school I always worked hard in order to get best results hoping that one day my good performance will reward me since government or well-wishers are there.”
Good enough the school I joined, had committed teachers who always helped whenever that help is needed therefore, I had to put my efforts with my class mates. He said with his colleagues committed, they started sleeping in the school and seriously studied which led to the opening of boarding in Promised Land Secondary School.
“Me and my committed colleagues organized ourselves, we could study and even sleep in the school, by then there was no boarding in the school and even we start cooking for ourselves and it was what made me and my colleagues to perform well.
“I was planning to join university but as I told you before, there is no one to support me, because my uncle couldn’t manage even within the country, I really pity the life he is going through especially his nature of work, not really easy for soldier to pay university student.” He added. He said that his uncle is struggling to make sure that he joins the university but it was difficult since he is not even getting his small salary.
“Even his own small children are at home because of economic hardship, but am happy because he always advises me not to give up but I believe that help will come on my way. What I can tell my government is to help poor families in the country”. He said investing in education is something great to the country and should not be one sided but should be in different angles whether poor or rich, education should be for everyone in the country.
Dut added that he had been trying to apply for scholarship but he found it difficult to go through because most of the recently ones are restricted, only for 2019 students. He embarked on helping fellow students at his former school Promised Land Secondary School. He believed that one day things will change and he can still join university even if not through his uncle but through someone else.
“I cannot choose any offer that comes to my way, I will take my offer that will come within the country, I will still join the university if someone can give me that offer.” He lamented.
Jok Abraham Thon the founder of the Promised Land Secondary School described Dut as amazing guy, a great leader and committed young man. He said since he joined Promised Land Secondary School as a student, he was committed person and participated in many school activities.
What was so amazing about Dut was, he was so hard working in class, during his days in class, he always the best in the class so we were pleased and indeed when the result came out, he was announced the best student in the country,” Mr. Thon revealed “It was big joy to us as school administration for his and colleagues for their best performance in the country.
However, he said the school administration tried many ways that could connect Dut with the government in order to get further studies through scholarships but it never went through. He said Dut’s success come from his own humble background, so my prayer is that Dut will be helped and join university for his studies.
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