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They hate Tutkew because he is a Nuer” South Sudan’s aide to Washington

“They hate Tutkew because he is a Nuer” South Sudan’s aide to Washington

South Sudan’s Deputy Ambassador to the United States defended president Salva Kiir’s Security advisor, Hon. Tutkew Gatluak.


He said those complaining of President Kiir’s relationship and his senior advisor are jealous because Tut Keaw is from the Nuer community.

Ambassador Gordon Buay Malek Chol on Saturday told Ramciel via WhatsApp that the tribalists within the government are now coming out since the president is trusting other tribes in the government.

According to him, Tut Keaw is not from the Dinka community therefore, such people blaming Kiir for trusting him to have no single reason against him.

“If you ask those who are against Tut Keaw, can they persuade you with a single reason why they are against him? What bad things did he do for them to target him? Being trusted by the President is not a crime. If some individuals are jealous because President Kiir trusts Tut Keaw who is not from their community, then, they should either direct their concerns to the President or leave the SPLM Party for good.”

Buay said if such a position was held by Tor Deng Mawien all these complaints should have not existed.

“If Tor Deng Mawien were in the position of Tut Keaw, you wouldn’t hear all the political rap music being directed against him. The fact that Tut Keaw was not a member of the SPLM Movement before 2013 is being used as a smokescreen to hide the real reasons behind the hatred.”

“Any rational human being knows that Tut Keaw is neither a member of SPLM Political Bureau nor a member of the National Liberation Council. How did he hijack the SPLM Movement while he is not a member of the two organs of the party?” he added.

Buay blames JCE for tribally hating Tut Keaw. He said JCE is a threat to the Unity of South Sudanese and its security.

“The hatred of JCE against Tut Keaw is tribally motivated and has nothing to do with the SPLM party because Tut Keaw is not a member of the two organs of the party.”

This is the first time Amb. Gordon Buay came out to defend members of his community in the government.

“If it’s a crime for a non-Dinka to be trusted by the President, can the same JCE tell us that they are South Sudan nationalists? South Sudan has 64 tribes that make up a country. If it’s a crime for a member of 63 tribes to be trusted by the President, the people of South Sudan need to unite to confront the JCE. This organization is a threat to South Sudan unity and national security.”


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