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The pretentious and hideous killer of the nation of South Sudan and its people set for presidency by 2023

By Cde. Nicolas Chan,


It is no secret that Abraham Nhial Deng Nhial is set to contest against President Kiir in the 2023 general elections. He is on a tour in Western countries to mobilize enough funds towards his campaigns. Worry less, he may cheat the whites of their money, but won’t smell the presidency in this country.

In the year 2004, a few months after the SPLA/SPLM and the Sudanese government had agreed to a negotiated peace settlement which was to be hosted under the auspices of IGAD, TRIOKA, EU and the US and held in the East African nation of Kenya. The monster who had conspired to be president of a non-existing nation by then Mr. Nhial Deng Nhial had nearly brought Late Garang and Kiir to a head on collision. He had sharply divided the movement into ‘awalad’ Garang and Kiir’s people, who were the common people and the majority.

In February 2004, after CDR. Salva Kiir had just signed the protocol giving the people of South Sudan a right to vote for self-determination in a referendum. An idea to which he was a leading proponent and in a nutshell on the basis that it was the popular demand of the majority of South Sudan. Nhial and members of Garang boys, a group he helped found, gathered in Nairobi to condemn the decision Salva Kiir had taken without their consent and knowledge. He was then picked to replace Kiir at the negotiation.

The trick was to have him negotiate the peace agreement in their preferred attitude, persuasion and construction, which would deny CDR. Salva Kiir played an active historical and administrative role in the final status of the liberation struggle. CDR.Kiir was humiliatingly removed and replaced with Nhial, while Vice President of Sudan, Osman Mohamed Taha was equally removed by President Bashir whom he blamed for allowing Salva Kiir to fool him to sign a protocol on secession without further consultation. Both men were harshly condemned by their respective camps for doing what was needed by the international, regional and home based communities. South Sudanese were on streets across the globe to celebrate the news of the signing of a critical protocol at Machakos.

What happened later on is history.

To remind you about this hideous killer, the 2013 conflict was centered around him. Rumors had it that the South African President Mr. Thabo Mbeki had had a conversation with President Kiir, over the future of the top leadership in the country. Kiir in his conversation with the SA president suggested that Nhial was the only leader within the SPLM high hierarchy who had what it takes to lead the country. Up to now, this unconfirmed statement which promoted disagreement among top SPLM leaders which led to the war that would kill 400,000 people has not been denied, explained or owned. As of late, our research networks had established that this false statement was a ‘making’ of Nhial Deng Nhial propagandists. The same way his propagandists a few months ago; nearly plunged the whole nation in an unprecedented crisis with the fake news that the president was travelling without coming back from South Africa, where he was claimed to be going for a liver and kidney transplant. And that the president was preferring Nhial to take over the presidency for (18) months before elections could be held.  After exhaustive research, our network established that there was no communication of such between president Kiir and the Head of state of SA in the first scenario, and there was nothing like a liver or kidney transplant on the president in the latter case.  The two propaganda were coined by Nhial and propagated by his mouthpieces.

Here is what the hideous killer is up to!

  1. He is using all means to unseat Jemma Nunu Kumba from the SPLM SG. I hope many of you have read about it in our first publication of the latest series.
  2. Nhial is out of the country. He is soliciting money for his presidential campaign.
  3. Before he travelled outside the country after he was sworn in. He had held two consecutive and parallel meetings: with his political associates and some of his loyal clan members, relatives’ and trusted friends.
  4. In his meeting with political associates, they agreed that Nhial was badly humiliated by president Kiir; by removing him under the pressure of Nhial’s opponents and in less than a year. For this, they have decided that Nhial will not work under president Kiir but had to prepare and face him at elections.
  5. The family based meeting resolved to concentrate on the following activities.
  6. Deal with Nhial opponents through direct engagement, bribes and persuasion to join the wagon.
  7. Sustain an online moderate political campaign and commit to Nhial’s image cleansing.
  8. Go home for traditional rituals in December this year to ask god to deal with opponents of their son and favors their son.

Thank you comrades for reading!

We shall be feeding you with realistic, filtered and fresh news about this hideous killer.

The author, Nicolas Mading Chan, can be reached for more information through his personal email at



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