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[A report compiled by the anti-corruption commission, South Sudan]

  1. Dr. Anip Majur Achut – Undersecretary, Ministry of Health
    This a self proclaimed medical doctor who has mercilessly deprived our health system of basic medical equipment and facilities. As we write this note, there is not a single cannula, syringe or drip water in the main hospital of Juba. She has ventured into business by establishing private clinics using the imported government hospital medicines and equipment. Anip Majur Achut is heavily shielded by her husband Gen. Mahmoud Solomon from being investigated or possibly sacked as Undersecretary. She ranks number one because she has suffocated the health system which is the most requisite social service in human life. Thousands of South Sudanese are losing lives because of poor medical facilities and equipment in Juba Teaching Hospital. Mrs. Anip Majur owns eight (8) private clinics in Juba and Khartoum.
  2. Dier Tong Ngor – Minister of Finance & Economic Planning
    The incumbent Minisiter of Finance is a very smart corrupt man. He hires well trained thieves to design strategies on how to empty the Central Bank of South Sudan. He uses a team of young men to launder millions of dollars to neighboring countries because he is working under pressure and fear of being removed, so his pocket filling is a priority. He has also planted hundreds of youth in the black market to exchange the dollar against SSP. He also imported money printing machine to print 1,000 SSP note that is widely exchanged with dollars around hotels at night in Juba.
  3. Mayiik Ayi Deng – Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation.
    This is a man who has committed uncountable atrocities against the country. He was enrolled as a member of the CIA during his days in the Abyei peace keeping force. He distorted the President’s plan to construct Juba – Bahr-el-ghazel Highway by subcontracting his own incapacitated construction company in order to steal millions of dollars and uncounted barrels of crude oil. He is also on a mission to topple the Kiir regime as assigned to him by the U.S government.
  4. James Deng Wal – Executive Secretary Office of the President.
    This is the newest thief in J1. He was a good boy in the first few months in his assignment before he fully lost direction on what he was assigned to do. Deng Wal now acts as a middle man between President Kiir and lobbyists who need to be appointed into government positions of power. Deng Wal is found of contracting politicians to push for their appointment and then gets rewarded commission from the loot for his influence. He was caught red-handedly narrating his demands that needed to be met to the current Managing Director of Nile Petroleum Cooperation, Bernard Amuor Makeny. He claimed to have installed him with the help of Barnaba Marial Benjamin who is also said to be a partner in such corruption and brokerage.
  5. Gen. Majak Akec Malok – IGP
    The man uses bribes and all sorts of influence to see himself in the office the following morning. Majak Akec Malok confidently reigns as IGP for more than four years after signing a multimillion dollar verbal deal with the first lady Ayen Mayardit and her daughters in 2019. Majak Akec Malok uses millions of dollars that are budgeted for Police stability in terms of logistical needs, training, salaries and infrastructure to bribe Ayen Mayardit. That is why there is not a single traffic light technology in the streets of South Sudan, there is no batons and shields for police officers, there no enough tanks and vehicles to ease police force mobility and law enforcement because of corruption.
  6. Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel – Former MD NilePet
    This man consumed millions of dollars on the pretext that he is from the oil producing state. He employed over 200 family members in NilePet. Bol Ring is said to have laundered over 7.1 million dollars that were meant for buying equipment to finish the NilePet building. He is a great thief to talk about and expose to the public.
  7. Adut Salva Kiir – Political Cartel & Broker.
    Just like James Deng Wal, Adut Salva Kiir makes sure she is instrumental in the appointment of the most lucrative position holders in the government. She uses her family voice and influence to convince her Dad to dismiss or appoint whoever she likes and benefit from. She is a true broker in the Politics of her father. She believes South Sudan is a Kingdom of Awan Chan Nyal under the Kingship of Mayardit family. Adut Salva also owns the famous system that the National Revenue Authority is using to collect revenues and generate receipts. Adut Salva now pays the government using government money since she only has access to what amount of revenues the government has collected. She also owns an oil drilling well in Paloch oil field that generates millions of dollars directly to her bank accounts.
  8. Gen. Atem Marol Biar – Director of Civil Registry, Nationality, Passport & Immigration
    The daily outcry of citizens is on Atem Marol Biar. He made sure that Nationality and Passports are issued to foreigners for any form of heavy bribe. Atem Marol owns a fleet of vehicles that were handed to him by Ethiopians, Egyptians and Lebanese. He also increased the cost of processing personal Identification documents from $10 to $100 in October 2022. He is now milking the DCRNPI department. Gen. Atem also dodges the NRA system by collecting money directly from citizens and non-citizens in his office and issuing nationality and passports.
  9. Salvatore Garang Mabiordit – Former Minister of Finance & Economic Planning
    He was appointed based of blood relationship with the President. He never studied accounting or economics in any college or University. When he was a Minister, he surrounded himself with a good number of learned individuals to help him steal enough money before he could lose the golden opportunity. He robbed the Central Bank an amount estimated to be worth 19 million dollars. During his reign, the country had the worst market rates of retail and wholesale. Thank God he has gone home.
  10. Joseph Manytuil Wicjang – Governor of Unity State
    Mr. Manytuil happens to be the most notorious governor in South Sudan. He captured innocent civilians at Sudan border and fire squad them without investigation and trial. He is a close counterpart of Tut Gatluak Manime. He is the man behind the sudden wealth of Tut Gatluak. They both benefit directly from oil revenues and percentages allocated to Unity State citizens. Manytuil owns over 20 apartments in Juba and 5 in Nairobi, Kenya. He feeds on public resources to enrich himself.


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