The Medical Doctor Who gave all for his country, including his Life! (R.I.P Dr. Louis Edward Saleh )!

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The Medical Doctor Who gave all for his country, including his Life!
(R.I.P Dr. Louis Edward Saleh )!
By Dr. Ben Guarken Chiman
Dear dictor, the man of altruism,
You are gone too soon to the land of no return,
It’s above the cloud, where all will go without return.The flesh has gone, but the vision survives. RIP!
The doctor has fallen!
The servant of people is gone.
You fell in frontline of service,
You fell fighting for your people,
You fell while doing what you love most.
While you lie in pool of blood;
Your passion to serve will forever triumph.
Your memories in us shall forever flourish to motivate. You were a team leader and a group builder; a living Saint! Rest is Peace!
The voices of the sick people,
Those you left behind are crying,
Begging you to come back,
Demanding for quick justice.
You left without waving back;
You went struggling for the last breathe.
Without mercy, you were cold-bloodedly led away. RIP!
Though your life was taken too early,
You were there fighting the invisible enemy.
You fought the diseases. You were answering to a call, A demand to serve humanity with dignity and motivation. You did it doctor! RIP!
Despite unbearable healthcare profession,
You insisted to serve with love and professionalism, Until when the devil decided to shorten your life, You remained committed and dedicated! RIP
Our lovely brother,
Humanity is puzzling;
One soul took away your soul,
While in the ward of the paining patients,
Other Souls were calling and helplessly crying for your help. Forever, RIP!
Patients waited on their beds,
With hope that you will return,
With your usual care and smile to nurse their wounds, But you were smiling in pool of blood; in agony, you were Singing praises to heaven, escorted to the almighty by angels.The servant of humanity, Rest In peace!
Dr Louis,
Though the ruthless, recklessly took your life,
You liberated many souls from illnesses.
Out of love, you saved many dying children.
Many parents smiled upon the smile of their children.
Despite cold weather,
In the middle of the night,
You went out to care and to treat.
Far away from your dear family and friends,
You embraced every place as your second home.  You treated all with dignity and care.
You never anticipated such a fate. RIP!
Dr, you left all behind for the sake of love.
People you treated will forever missed you,
The medical fraternity will forever miss you.
You are a hero and you will remain a hero.
Go in peace, you delivered great healthcare services. You are a giant. Your place, none will fill.
This was our usual joke my brother,
   ‘El Fiilde’, El fiilde’! (This elephant)!
You have gone too soon for the world to learn from you!

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