The importance of consultative approach in enhancing leadership, A message to Governor Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor of Lakes State 

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The importance of consultative approach in enhancing leadership, A message to Governor Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor of Lakes State,

By Abraham Majak Makur,

In my first subsequent articles, I was seen criticizing you and your style of leadership but in fact, I was “critiquing” to see you doing well as an elder brother hailing from where I come from. Leadership is not shaped by one’s perceived ideals alone but by the external interactions to continue adjusting your styles of leadership. The consultative approach some of us had been talking about is essential in leadership for it doesn’t only bring people to consensus, but equally, the very people own the decision and stand tall to defend it in case of any problem. I believe the people of Lakes State shall stand tall to own the resolutions and recommendations for they come from them in the Juba Consultative Meeting following your appointment as Governor of Lakes and in the Rumbek Consultative Conference respectively.

As Yirol Commissioner before it split into the presence Yirol West, East and Awerial Counties, 2001- 2005;

Being the first Governor of the defunct Eastern Lakes State, 2015- 2017;

And now the incumbent Governor of the reunited Lakes State, the challenge was lack of consultation, now you have underscored it through the application of this important tool – the “consultative approach.” No matter how worse the situation is, the people have the power to turn things around in your favor as is now happening in Lakes State. The move is historic as I followed it using my small phone. The press secretary should be commended here for doing his job accordingly.

The Press Secretary, Mabor Deng Jr has incredibly done his job by keeping the world informed of the conference proceedings, and likewise, Prof. Jacob Adut, for his professional work on the resolutions of the conference and how he read them out, presented a great work with confidence to deliver to the people of Lakes State on the basis of rule of law – not rule of the man; Advocate, Malou Ayang, given his impeccable presentation on the “rule of law,” Hon. Chol Kuotwel on the resolutions of Yirol Conference, Hon. Deborah Akec Kucniin as an outright master of ceremony, Hon. Dhieu Matuet for his elderly and wise moderation of issues raised and all those who were around tasked with organization of this conference, thank you for the good work.

My sincere appreciation and thanks to this team, you are able players.

I could see that Lakes has come together although we have a long way to go. What is required of the Governor, Hon. Rin Tueny is to keep the same approach even at the other lower levels in consistency with his leadership policy to address local issues at county, payam and Boma levels respectively.

In this regard, the power of consultation guides and gives you wisdom to reign through the consent of the people. Bravo Lakes State for the successful conclusion of the conference.

Your resolutions and recommendations should continue to be reviewed from time to time so as to make them compatible with the existing laws and add the new ones based on the aspirations of the people.

I congratulate Governor, Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor, our MPs and all those stakeholders involved there for their positive participation in the pacification of Lakes State as to enhance peace and tranquility for the coexistence of people across the state and with their neighbors.

I congratulate Governor Rin Tueny for taking the challenges positively – turning them into opportunities to provide leadership and deliver to the people of Lakes State through consultative approach.

With his vast experiences in political and military works and having gone through these challenges, political upheavals, he is now graduating from school of politics to a politician of all faculties. If you want to be a great leader, you don’t need to localize your mind, as this would degrade your vision. For now, a new chapter seems to be opening ahead for more political leaderships in Lakes and beyond.

Bravo people of Lakes State, my family and I are with you in spirit and we shall continue to concur with you and support you on issues to do with Lakes and South Sudan in general.

God bless South Sudan!

God bless Lakes State, the people and its proactive leadership!

The author was Minister of Physical Infrastructure & Chairman of the State SPLM Executive Caucus (May, 2018 – Feb, 2020), Minister of Information, Culture, Youths and Sports (April, 2017 – May, 2018), National Executive Director of the Red Army Foundation (Nov, 2016 – April, 2017) and now a Political Activist. He can be reached via: or

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