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By Kooryap


South Sudan civil aviation authority needs urgent rescue in the hands of its CEO mr. David Subek Dada and his acolytes. The incapable CEO in July 2021 last year brought a company called NAVPASS (navigation PASS) to take over the airspace of South Sudan in the name of collecting air navigation fees to be used to buy the equipments for the operation of the airport, the equipment which should have been bought include; the VHF radio, ILS and VOR/DME for approaches but no single equipment bought and the company called NAVPASS is now working in opposite. It collects the navigation fees from the airline companies in South Sudan and deposit the money into their accounts which have been opened in USA and Dubai respectively. The questionable mandate is why is it that all the financial accounts are opened outside the country other than within the country?
The government of South Sudan is not aware about the thieving ways of CEO and his acolytes in civil aviation. The Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOS) who land and depart aero planes are not being paid their salaries and they work everyday generating money for CEO and his company NAVPASS in order to boast their accounts and enjoy their luxury lives in Dubai. The Air Traffic Controllers recently have been subjected to low pay without any sufficient reason simply because the Mr. Subek wanted to boast his account. Mr. Subek had last year dismissed 18 Air Traffic Controllers who have been complaining of not being paid and lack of equipment for the operation of the airport which the government is not aware of this illegal act from mr Subek because he has owned the aviation industry as his. Right now in the aviation industry there has been a shortage of Air Traffic Controllers because mr Subek has dismissed the senior Air Traffic Controllers who can one time take over our airspace from Khartoum, right now South Sudan is not able to take its airspace from Sudan because it lacks Personnel and those who would have done that have been dismissed by Subek because of distracting his thieving ways. The CEO and the Director General for Air Navigation Service have recently deceived a delegation from the Presidency headed by the minister in the office of the president Dr. Barnabas Marial Benjamin that they have bought the equipment and that they have licensed the Air Traffic Controllers working in the airport control Tower which is lie, there was no a single equipment bought and All the controllers working in juba airport control tower have not been licensed not even a single controller is holding a valid license out of the 39 Air traffic controllers. This act is unprofessional and it is not in line with the international civil aviation organization ( ICAO) an international airport can not be operated by controllers who do not have licenses to prove their qualifications for the job. And Mr. Subek is deceiving the government about this critical concern. The Civil aviation is dying without doubt under the hands of its CEO Mr Subek and the DG Steven Rombe. The Saddest news of all is that the so-called NAVPASS is not approved by the ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation and the national revenue authority is not aware about the illegal collection of money at the airport by the NAVPASS . Lastly, both NAVPASS and the CEO need to go for the aviation industry of South Sudan to improve.


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