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The great personalities in the person of Comrades Dut Abraham Gum and Manasa Machar Bol out of the social media trapping net of negative criticism due to their noble service and patriotism.

The great personalities in the person of Comrades Dut Abraham Gum and Manasa Machar Bol out of the social media trapping net of negative criticism due to their noble service and patriotism.


By: Eng. Michael Wetnhialic – Juba


As far as my personal connectivity with the general public, definitely, I came to understand the huge recognition and exposure accorded to the two personalities whose names appeared above in person of Dut Abraham Gum and Manas Machar Bol. It has taken me a quite long time to reveal this secret about their powerful personalities. I have experienced this on several occasions myself whereas I knew accurate information about many people and things that some people do not know and I think others may not get chances to learn.

According to the majority who I have interacted with, I have learned a lot that Comrade Dut Abraham and Manas Machar are very instrumental personalities and valuable assets to this great nation. I have learned a lot and mastered many things from their involvement in public life and the provisions of public services in the Republic of South Sudan.

As faithful believers, we know that God wants us to share things in our possession such as resources, knowledge, experience, and connections. So, it is my pleasure and privilege to share with you these discoveries through public opinions. I hope this public opinion will be helpful to others who are seeking a similar scenario.

Dut Abraham Gum and Manas Machar Bol are among few public servants who have escaped the social media trapping net as well as sharp criticism whether verbally or documentary. They don’t have critics instead they have countless people acknowledging their credibility as seen from many people that are praising and supporting them in a dignified manner internally and externally. This is not because they are paying the entire public to buy public trust and recognitions but through their ethics and values of respect combined with the loyalty, they inherit from their grandparents and parents.

Those who are giving them public honor and unquestionable acknowledgment are not doing it on demands and they are not afraid of telling the truth. They truly love them and respect them. Simply because Machar Bol and Dut Abraham are not addicted to using force and shortcuts to address challenges from their offices. The two men do not apply established operating systems to buy public support and popularity but they earned it through their hard work and loyalty. They have very unique ways of dealing with problems arising from their assignments (provisions of public services). Dut and Machar are impressive human beings born with natural intelligence and very rare personalities. Their advanced social knowledge and skills are rooted in the rich history of their great families, grandparents, and parents who have clean backgrounds and positive attitudes.

Millions of people would argue that these resourceful potential leaders Machar and Dut do not have critics because of their high level of intelligence and education plus being generous which is a correct perception, but an addition to that truth is the positive attitude and their reliance on principles of humanity which they adopted from their great families. That is the true secret behind their absolute exclusion from all types of criticisms yet they are holding very important offices having serious problems that could easily cause not only criticism but can lead to loss of their jobs and damages to their careers.

I think some people might be having question(s) that who are these men (Dut and Machar) whom I am talking about! Here is a brief introduction of the two men: Manas Machar Bol is one of the very important South Sudanese Government officials with an indisputable strong military background. Machar is from a great family of Yac in the famous Twic Mayardit Community. He is a responsible father of a great family and a friend of many people including you. I would not talk more about his education because it is something known to almost every South Sudanese. He must be having ongoing 40years of working experience in public services since he joined Sudan People’s Liberation Army which later turned into SPLM/A currently known as SPLM-IG.

Dut Abraham Gum is a responsible father to a great family and a friend to many people. He is a famous member of the great Agar Community in Lake State. His personality is powerful and rooted in quality education and military background. Dut had created himself an unforgettable legacy by turning local SUDD Service & Investment Company from biggest technical problems and financial problems into wealthy national oil company that can now compete with international oil and gas companies and can win by far in terms of financial and quality services assurance. Some years ago SUDD was suffering from numerous issues and its top management was taking the wrong means to address those problems it was facing. And later when Dut Abraham was appointed in the lowest position as HR Manager, Dut came in with very rare advanced methods and tactics and addressed all problems related to finance and manpower. Before he became MD, the standard policy was introduced and adopted successfully in which the company its management, and employees plus clients are very happy and benefits properly. These can not be achieved by a weak person. Only those clean backgrounds and brilliant ideas can bring such things to exist as we have seen in the hard work of Dut Abraham in SUDD and his colleague Manas Machar in the Ministry of Petroleum.

Both Machar and Dut are members of this country’s liberation struggle which brought us to 9th July 2011 Independence. Both bureaucrats have created for themselves an undeniable clean legacy and true leadership skills! May God bless these men and add them anything they lack so that they can serve this nation as much as possible.

So, to conclude this, the secret or reason why Manas Machar Bol and Dut Abraham Gum do not have critics either verbally or documentary is because they are making their decisions and actions in line with the principles of humanity just like the way their parents and grandparents have been treating them. They don’t rely on means their colleagues are applying to handle problems in social issues and provisions of public services. That is the secret of why they are lacking enemies or critics compared to some of their colleagues who are facing criticism and a good number of enemies.


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