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By Gai Karanja Sr

If you critically look into the Sentry reports, you will understand that the Sentry is a propaganda barrel of the Western Corporations. The agenda is clear: smearing African corporates, to portray a negative image to deter their clients.

On February 21, Sentry published a “report” on the perspectives of a thief, accusing Trinity Energy Ltd of “dubiously” running the energy sector in the country.

This report in question is nothing in the first place, since the loan, if it were true, is a legal process.

The problem Trinity Energy Ltd. was facing was its ability to deal in the South Sudan energy sector that should have been controlled by Western exploitative corporates.

In the politics of corporates, elements like Sentry and its enough project are propaganda (shaming) barrely against and PR firms for African and Western corporates respectively. Another crime TEL committed was its African and South Sudanese Identity, which they DON’T want to see as a success story.

One more crime TEL has committed is its agility, efficiency and effectiveness to steer the market successfully. So they need to bring it down by all means. It will never happen.

Another ulterior motive of these elements and their corporates is to fuel unrest in Africa such that they continue to project themselves as “saviours” of Africa that has never saved Mali, CAR, DRC, Somalia, etc.

After understanding the motive of elements like Sentry, I tried to consult with a few employees of TEL and their story is that the Sentry report is purely sentiments of a rogue thief that they fired a few years ago. The thief was not only accused but caught red-handed with money in Kigali, brought to Juba, tried and convicted. He fled the country in 2020 and made contact with Sentry.

I established contact with an official who’s my friend at the National Police INTERPOL Department and he confirmed the case. The photos of his extradition from Rwanda by the Rwandan police summarize it.

The Sentry couldn’t care but took all the thief’s frustrations as “first hand” information to achieve their objective of tarnishing the perceived and imagined competitors of their western multinationals.

If the Sentry were genuine, how can you believe a thief that has stolen USD $ 713, 104 ( USD Seven Hundred Thirteen Thousand, one hundred and four U.S. Dollars?)

Mr. Bismick Tiyamalu was recruited as the Chief Finance Officer for TEL starting from June 2018.

Between Oct 23rd-25th, the company discovered missing cash of $ 350 000 and the Chief Finance Officer, who was none other than Mr. Bismick Tiyamalu should be answerable for.

On October 26, TEL discovered that Mr. Bismick Tiyamalu was traveling from Kampala to Kigali using Rwanda Airways.

The IGP Gen. Majak Akech Malok immediately contacted his Rwandan counterpart after this Intel was provided to him.

On the same day, Maj. Gen. Amou Anyieth of INTERPOL issued an arrest warrant for Mr. Bismick Tiyamalu and he was immediately apprehended by the Rwandan Police with even some cash, as you can see in the photos.

On Nov 9, Hon. Paulina Wana Willa, our then Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs asked the suspect to be brought to Juba to answer for breaching the trust of $ 350 000 which was under his trust as an employee of TEL.

The case dragged on until TEL won the case and there was sufficient evidence that Mr. Bismick Tiyamalu has stolen more than $713, 104 after the company’s audit.

Here, Mr. Bismick Tiyamalu sneaked back to Malawi in 2020 and is framing the company that has sufficient evidence of his misappropriation and therefore, Sentry is playing the politics of a corporation using fake stories of a disgruntled thief. Can you really publish a report based on someone as such in the photos?

The Sentry is playing dirty politics to shame an established trinity to cost it sanctions such that they take over our energy sector. Isn’t it clear?

Sentry has lost credibility and should never make headlines someday in future.


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