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The forgotten SPLM/A freedom fighter and civil rights activist Cde. Aguil De Chut Deng

By Yom Deng-Katoc Bul,

OPINION – Cde Aguil De Chut Deng (Nyan Pakou), was one of those rare kind-hearted South Sudanese individuals who served others with much respect and dignity. Cde Aguil had never disrespect anyone in her entire life and other than to her to continue with her belief of living a devoted life for Universal purpose to building others and she had made individual people’s lives better. She’s one of SPLM/A’s political Party ‘s Founders, very committed and loyalist SPLM/A Freedom Fighter, Revolutionary, inspiring Public speaker and A Civil Rights Activist. Cde Nyan Pakou went to Bush when she was a teenager and became part of the Girls soldiers group called Katiba -Banat (Meaning Girls battalion) made up of those volunteer an individual’s teen girls who joined the SPLM/A army struggles in neighboring Ethiopia during the late 1980s.
The Katiba Banat armed group returned to the Southern Sudan Region. Cde Aguil along with the rest of her team fought in frontlines across most of the town occupied by the light skin Arabs, the dragon army called Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) in a Southern Sudan Part at the time. Cde Aguil had ranks in the SPLM Army before she chose to be involved in Humanitarian works and Advocacy. During the 1990s, she had decided to double up her advocacy. She had advocated for the Third world’s refugee condition which gave birth to settlement of Refugees to third-countries. She successfully achieved her goals which led to an evacuation of most South Sudanese minor children (Known as South Sudan Red-Army) along with their guadrances and families from the frontiers refugee camps where they were facing life threats and living in high rampant poverty-lines. She brought countless South Sudanese families to Australia through her connections and advocacy. Cde Nyan Pakou had many Times held numerous meetings with Kofi Anna, the former United Nations Secretary General (UNSG).

She was a Humanitarian Champions who championed Immigration herself first to Australia in 1994 with her children and her immediate family. She later returned back to Africa for the un-finished Mission of SPLM/A and she wanted to help thousands of families through her advocacy. She used her own personal money to help apply for Settlement Immigration visas for those needy families and paid for their Visas and Airs tickets.

She was an educator as well and a beautiful in and out mother of her children. She went to the University of Southern Queens-Land in Australia while she had to always divide her times and schedules between her family, Education, profession, Charity work, National political, Regional and Global matters. What a hard-working woman. She was born into a clan called Dinguyo, one of Eight sections of Ayual-Mathondit (Ayual Super-Power), the leading largest Community of Twic Dinka of Jonglei State, Greater Upper Nile Region, South Sudan. Cde Nyan Pakou Aguil was born in Malakal, the Headquarter of Greater Upper-Nile region in 1964 and Citizen of Ayual-Mathondit.

She was born in a time believed to be a Cold war era and there was power wrangling in the Republic of Sudan. Her Father was a political figure in the Republic of Sudan, but South Sudanese. Cde Aguil De Chut Deng comes from Ayual-Mathondit/Naar e Wuoot. Ayual is the former Upper-Nile Superpower and whose reign runs longer in the Sudanese History, and even now Ayual’s Influences in a Current called Twic Dinka is very vital and significant. I’m very proud of the above-mentioned names not because I came from the same Historical Community too, but it’s a blessing to have known Aunty Cde Aguil De Chut Deng as my dearest aunty within Ayual-Mathondit and one of Ayual’s loyalist beloved Princess and a Daughter. I called her Mama Africa because of her love for the African Continent and Humanity as whole. Cdr Nyan Pakou, Aguil Chut Deng, she wasn’t only the SPLM/A freedom fighter, but a truly a Civil Rights Activist and a champion of women and children rights. The Champions of Humanitarian works and Refugee’s Rights advocate in both the third world and in the Western World, I recommend most readers to please keep watching her Profesional Videos she had recorded and her Speeches are across UN’ Human Rights Websites and domains. Yeah, one can just take this truth to your social Bank account and you can live with it. I say so because it’s a true fact.


Pakou is the Traditional oldest preserved Cattle camp of Ayual Community (Ayual-Super Power). This specific place holds a specific respect because it has the richest history in Twi Dinka; its history can be traced to the Monarch of King Ajak Kur King Ayuel Langar. Pakou is the oldest Famous “Wun Yaath” in pande Twi and it’s where Twic Dinka dispersed from under King Ajak de Kur King Ayuel powers. Aunty Cde Aguil was my role model. I am feeling so weakened by her untimely passing on. I feel like I have no more protection. I have nobody to rely on or to lean on to. It’s so sad for me to break my silence and try to admit aunty Cde Nyan Pakou is no more. After the South Sudan-Sudan’s Second civil war which began on 16 may, 1983 was fought. Cde Nyan Pakou and Late Chaat Pual did a lot of work in foreign relations globally as they were assigned by the SPLM/A Chairman, South Sudan Founding father, Dr. John Garang De Mabior. They both advocated for the Peace through their global web of peace allies in a western world since both spoke fluent English and Classic Arabic. The civil war was concluded with the signing of the CPA in 2005.

The bottom line is, without People like Aunty Cde Nyan Pakou Aguil De Chut Deng and Late SPLM/A General Chaat Paul roles in advocating for peace Regionally and internationally, there would be no South Sudan today. Cde Nyan Pakou’s civil Rights and Humanitarians work inspires many black people globally and caught the attention of global leaders because of its realizations. She had done a lot during the civil war, she had advocated for protection of Lost boys and Girls throughout Ethiopia to Kenyan then to Western world. Who could deny the fact that protection of the CPA during the Interim Period, who was safeguarding the Independence, played a vital role. I was part of the Southern Sudan Interim government from 2006-July 9, 2011. Personally, it wasn’t any easier task to achieve the Referendum. Around 2006-2011, every night in Juba, we those individual working in a government office and who hold an important Key position had our own stories of all sleepless nights because of the panic attacks with believed that SAF might invaded Juba and captured us alive with confidential and credentials documents of the SPLM/A.

I started working at the age of 16-year-old. I felt like it was an extra burden which was tied around my neck at the time, but as I’m growing and getting mature every year, I think starting work at a younger age has inspired my life. I really really know how it was taught in the Southern Sudan region, SAF Gunship Patrol over Juba throughout the night as threatening our lives. The few times I had some smile on my face were when Aunty Cde Aguil came to my Office for a visit, she was a best friend of Breg. and a Former SPLM/A ‘s Ambassador to Egypt and now South Sudan Mines Action Authority’s Commission Chairman, Jurkuch (Makuel) Barach and Late Deng Ajak Atak too, the Anti-Atrocities in Darfur and Pan Africanist, they used to come over and have a social and friendly chats. Aunty Cde Aguil was an inspirational and gorgeous person in and out. She sometimes started making some jokes. She always called me, “Hey, “Nyan wanmath, Loi-edi” meaning How are you doing, niece. How is the work treating you and you don’t tell me one of your male coworkers disrespect you, then your aunty is here and she’s ready to defend her niece. She always said, i give no damn about men, I can punch them in the face, right now. I always smiled and said to her, no aunty, nobody ever disrespected me in this office.

However, if they did or in future dare, then I would tell you, right away. She sometimes likes, Hey Nyan wanmath, you got to know that you are becoming an SPLM/A Officer. I think right now you should acquaint yourself with this term called SPLM’s Rebel, huh. I said, Oh yes aunty, I do know that price and I’m always scared of SAF and I wanna get out of here, I feel like Juba is the most dangerous part of South Sudan as per CPA Peace Implementation and all the frustrations all come with its price. She always reminded me that, being an officer came with a huge burden. She could start making a joke like, Hmmm and how historic it could be. I am like what, then she said to me one day, Hey Yom, God prohibited, but Assuming now, if the old dirtiest SAF that I used to know in the Bush decided to invading Juba tonight, and We could both ending up in SAF custody including crying SPLM’s teenager who called themselves officers.

We may end around up attacks or captured alive by the NCP’s Terrorist Mujahid based in Northern Sudan. I unknowingly shedded some-tears. Honestly Speaking, when i heard of that, I couldn’t hold back my breath anymore and my pulse was a little activated by the panic attacks inside me and all the fear i was undergoing in Juba. I silently broke down in tears behind my Desk and she knew I was too young to withhold my feelings. Then Aunty Cde Nyan Pakou said to me, you see, you are too weak and we don’t need babies in the SPLM office, huh. She changed the joke and subject again. There were like six of us in my office and it was a one-hour lunch break. She said, what about if those untrained SPLM/A soldiers fail to guard our territory and the entire SPLM’s political Party and official get captured alives and taken down to Northern Sudan as prisoners of war? It was one of scary to death truth statements and one of her jokes I would never have thought of and it was a truth shelled inside the Joke and tears Chats. This particular statement touched my heart. In 2006-2011, there were higher chances and possibility of invasion of Juba by SAF before the Referendum could take place in 2011. We were all silent , but she laughed alone and I called an encouraging laugh. She then said to us, if something like this happens, then you folks should remain strong to the Vision of SPLM/A. You must be loyal to the vision of SPLM/A that’s all about working for the government of South Sudan Sudan under Interim and making a resilience. You must resist by saying to the enemy, SPLM/A Oyee , SPLM/A Oyeee and then she starts smiling so big. She laughed again and we ended up laughing so loudly in my office! Anyway, these were old beautiful memoirs of the past. There wouldn’t be independence without people like her continuing to carry out a Global consultation, advocate for peace and until July 9, 2011. After the CPA was signed, The SPLM/A leader was Assassinated in Helicopter on return back to New Site, Eastern Equatoria from Uganda. The Quote of the King who doesn’t know Joseph in Egypt manifests itself in South Sudan. Dictator Kiir Mayar Thiik knew nothing about the SPLM/A Chairman and his comrades who were the true freedom fighters.

Kiir anointed himself J1- Leader and his rise into power began with erasing names of the South Sudanese SPLM/A leaders. Thereafter, people Like Cde Nyan Pakou Aguil who were supposed to be on the top SPLM/A lists were automatically replaced with those an individual enemy of the SPLM/A Party. I mean Kiir appointed into Power those individual people who were busy during the civil war in Khartoum and while they were enjoying their ACs sleeping comfortably. The SPLM/A Opposers who kept gave SPLM/A Cold shoulders. Those who betrayed and sold-out the Mission of the SPLM/A Regime into enemies just for them to continue to make a living. I feel so sorry for Aunty Cde Nyan Pakou Aguil Chut and the rest who ended up returning to Exile leaving behind their motherland, the country they had fought for their entire life.


It’s such shameful evidence to MR. Kiirdit’s Cabinet and Administration to neglect its own comrades. She had not only died in poor living conditions in Australia, but nobody in the South Sudan government who acknowledged her for all the great things she had done leave alone her 40 years of devotion services salary. She deserved a Peace prize and Compensation. She just died like an ordinary citizen and as if she never fought for South Sudan’s Independence. Cde Nyan Pakou died on April 26, 2022 as claimed in a report at her age of 58 in Brisbane, Australia as South Sudanese higher profile exiled politician without any assignment from the country she had fought for her entire life. What a shamefully heard from the news saying that Dictator Kiir Mourns death of Freedom Fighter Cde Nyan Pakou Aguil De Chut Deng, source Eye Radio on May 3rd, 2022. When I read this, I was like, Satan is powerful when in control. I have been pretending to acknowledge her untimely death, but her death has actually educated me about something I was very negligent about, personal care and personal preservation. One has to help others, but you also need to consider yourself. Cde Nyan Pakou Aguil’s life story reminds me of this, there is a saying that, A choice to live a life of service to others is a personal choice, but I feel like the degree of delivering of service is always different based on an individual person doing it.

There are those people who do things differently while applying different methods and different styles of leadership. I have seen so many people who have had fully devoted themselves to the life of services and they died contrary to the process. The true leaders died while executing what they thought and believed is the right thing to do. The true servants are those who risked their own life for services and as long as they continue to believe what they are pursuing is the right thing, stand to protect and live by it. People who risked to give others better lives includes aunty Cde Nyan Pakou Aguil De Chut Deng. For example, the world’s most recognizable Political and Civil Rights and Humanitarians champions who are most recognized worldwide include the late Lady Diana, The Princess of Wales, the US Civil Rights Activist, Dr. Martin Luther King JR, Late SPLM/A freedom Fighter, Political and Peace rights, Cde Chaat Pual Nul and Aunty Cde Nyan Pakou and so many Known great Civil Rights Activists in the world records. Cde Nyan Pakou Aguil Chut Deng was the founder of an Immigration project which benefited most third world countries war affected citizens to Australia.

However, with Your double up lobbying for peace in the west, you met five US presidents both in power sitting president and later on with your activism, Aunty Aguil, you had inspired the Catholic Charities rethinked about embarked on evacuating to the US Sudanese/South Sudanese lost Boys and Girls to the USA, Europe and Australia. Great women of all time. You will be greatly missed. But the hero never died.! Your history will shine forever in our country. These freedom rights hat our African families are enjoying in a Commonwealth Nations, Cde Nyan Pakou Aguil Chut Deng and Late Chaat Paul Nul had brought it together through activism, consultation and Lobbied for a Former Sudan Peace which gave birth to Signed of CPA and later Independence of South Sudan on July 9, 2011.

Thanks for putting out that good informative message about late Nyan Pakou, comrade Aguil De Chut Deng. With her credentials, she deserved to be laid to rest at the national cemetery for heroes/heroines. She was admired locally, regionally and internationally for her ideological perspectives for peace and encouragement of youth to build a better future society. She was the first South Sudanese to touch down in Australia and showed people the ways to make a living in a new Continent. I was right when I criticized dictator Kiir, people think i’m too much, but Salva Kiir had not only failed the nation, but he is clearing the youngest founders of the Nations. This can create a vacuum between us the younger generations and the former freedom fighters. Cde Aguil’s admiring smile and hard work will never forgive South Sudan. Yeah, the livings forget you, but not the history will never. I’m still playing and listening to Cde Nyan Pakou Aguil’s incredible and inspirational speeches videos, but one think that disturb me 2/7 is what killed her? May her innocent soul continue to fight for peace and cementing Peace In South Sudan.

I know they will hate me for touching this little part of your greatest achievements you selflessly did for us, but your beautiful smiles and Kindness, pure heart will forever reign over them. Many thanks to great world’s peace lovers who have been standing with Cde. Aguil’s beloved children and her entire Family. She had left a huge vacuum in South Sudanese Politics. One could tell how masses of South Sudanese love her. I saw on the video that thousands of people had assembled at the Juba International Airport on June 16, 2022, they went to receive Cde Aguil De Chut Deng (Aka Nyan Pakou) ‘s remains of body from Australia where she had passed away and to say Goodbye. Yeah, I saw how shamefully Some folks thanked Salva Kiir Mayardit Thiik for giving Cde. Aguil De Chut Deng’s dead body is an absolute Military honor. That’s nonsense, Salva Kiir Mayar never liked Cde Aguil because of her criticism of Salva Kiir’s Administration.

Dictator Salva Kiir actually threw away An Angel Cde. Aguil because he fears her for her intelligence and loyalty to the SPLM/A’s Original Vision and full stop. He never recognized her services in a National Pay-Check, he never confirmed her Ranks and Salva Kiir remembered Aguil De Chut Deng’s Priceless service when Salva Kiir and his other Comrade were expelled in Mading Town on May 16, 1983, Salva Himself seek refugee Pan Ayual and People like Aguil involved in sensitized local to provided foods and gave them an honor reception in Wangulei-Town, Ayual’s Administrative Town and many areas in Twic Dink does the same. Salva Kiir knew Pakou De Ayual then when he needed services from our Community, but not anymore now. Salva Kiir forgot Cde Aguil in his government Ministerial positions. It really confuses me to watch Salva Kiir giving his comrade a honorary burial when dead and when they are still alive, they are humiliated and isolated. Anyway, thanks to those poor masses of ordinary South Sudanese who showed up in a huge number, at Juba International Airport.

I know our citizens are undergoing an unbearable economic crisis at the moment. There is no doubt that, some of those people who went to the Airport, others might not even have some money to afford paying for a bus fare, but you made it at any cost to the Airports. You again made it to the burial site on June 17, 2022 and that’s called Love and loyalty. Thank you all, for honoring the remains of Cde Aguil De Chut Deng (Aka Nyan Pakou).

I heard she was laid down to rest next to her SPLM/A officers, the SPLM/A Martyrs at the Martyrs Cemetery in Juba, the South Sudan ‘s Capital City in June 2022. Many Thanks and Appreciations goes to Family of Chut Deng, Mieth Ke Cde Aguil De Chut Deng, Ku Jol ya Mieth Ke Chut Deng, just to mention few names, Cde Aguil’s younger brother Garang De Chut Deng and her little sister Akeer De Chut Deng and their significance others who have been supporting them throughout this trying time for your family. Thank you both for returning her remains back to South Sudan she loved and died for. I think what you did was her wishes and thank you once more for giving her the honors burial she deserves.

May your Beautiful soul Rest easily Angel Cde. Aguil De Chut Deng (Aka Nyan Pakou) and you will be Forever-missed Mama Africa. May your bright smile keep shining and until we meet again, missing and I love you Aunty, Cde Aguil De Chut Deng, Aka Nyan Pakou.

The author is a South Sudanese political and human rights activist based in Manhattan, New York, United States of America. She can be reached via:



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