Terryanne explains why her name changed from Jebet Cherutich

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Terryanne explains why her name changed from Jebet Cherutich


Terryanne Chebet has come out to explain why she has a unique name among the people from the Kalenjin community.

Taking to her social media page, the former TV girl revealed that many people have been thinking that she comes from a rich family because of her English name ‘Terryanne’.

“Someone said, Terryanne, your parents must be posh Kalenjins to name you Terryanne, I laughed and told her about how my name came about,” she said.

Though she never disputed claims that she comes from a rich background, she said that the name ‘Terryanne’ was not her initial name.

She said that her father never liked English names so she was named Jebet Cherutich. According to her, her late father could not allow her children to be given English names as he viewed them as names ‘slave names’.

She said she changed her name from Jebet Cheruitich after her father was involved in a road accident that kept him away from home for seven years. It was during this time that she was baptised and was given an English name.

“I was born Jebet Cherutich, my dad did not want us to have any ‘slave names’. But, he was involved in a road accident that kept him at the Spinal injury hospital Nairobi for about 7 years.

“During his absence, we learned about English names And when my time for baptism came, I picked the name Terryanne from a little magazine called the Readers Digest, which my dad subscribed to,” she explained.

The mother of two also revealed that at some point she wanted to be called Caroline or Karen but stuck with Terryanne – a name she borrowed from an American lady who had children home for black kids.

Via K24

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