Tension in Abyei following morning retaliatory attack

Tensions have gripped Rom Amir County in Abyei Administrative Area after armed youth believed to be from Twic County in Warrap State launched a retaliatory attack in the area Monday morning.

Speaking to The City Review this morning, Turalei Payam Administrator, Nyuol Majok Aguek, said the attack may have been in response to the initial attacks that were planned by some armed groups in Abyei.

According to Aguek, the government was alerted to intervene and prevent bloodshed, but the pleas went unheeded.

“The government has been alerted a lot in the past few weeks that the citizens of Twic were killed in Ajak-kuac and the cows were looted, and Maker, Akur, and Mayen Abun were affected, but it did not take any action,” he lamented. “I blame the government for not moving quickly and containing these incidents.”.

He said that the previous ceasefire brought peace, but it seems the solution was just for the short term.

“After the cease-fire agreement that took place between the two communities, we believed that the parties would abide by it,” he said as he appealed to the youth from the two sides to embrace peace and coexist peacefully.

He said the government ought to shoulder the blame for failing to contain the volatile situation and preventing any slip back to war.  

“I repeat my call to the government once again to hasten the deployment of more forces in the area to contain the situation, which seems to be worsening more and more to become a very violent confrontation between the two parties in the next few periods,” he said.

Attempt to contact officials from the Abyei Administration Area to corroborate the allegations proved futile.


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