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Targeted sanction and personality character assassination against Benjamin Bol Mel by some individuals within South Sudan political spheres

Targeted sanction and personality character assassination against Benjamin Bol Mel by some individuals within South Sudan political spheres shouldn’t be allowed: Bol Mel is the focal point of development in South Sudan.

Bol Mel remains the only developmental business-minded person in South Sudan despite numerous back-biting by people perceived to be his competitors, the account of his hostility with those opposing him began when Bol gained the trust of president Kiir and handed him the contract to construct the Juba-Bor- Malakal highway as national infrastructure development in the country but few businessmen and politicians from Greater Bahr El Ghazal region went berserk when Bol began his work well. The patronized conspiracy against Bol Mel started when the Juba-Bahr El Ghazal Highway was spoiled by some of the powerful politicians from the region who want to degrade Kiir’s contribution to his political backyard but instead got jealous of the progress made by their son who is the constructor to a peculiar region. Many people within the political circle are working day and night to make sure the road construction in the Upper Nile region doesn’t seal through.

The same politicians who are very powerful and closer to Kiir are the ones blackmailing Bol Mel by concocting his sanction by the International Community based on jealousy and misconstrued allegations that don’t hold any truth in them. Every resident of Bahr El Ghazal region should be aware that the much-publicized failure of Juba- Bahr El Ghazal Highway was wholly contributed by Mayiik Ayii and Kur Ajiing who are some of the prominent sons of the area given the task to handle the construction and finishing of the project but they flopped by mismanaging its resources and the designed leading to several cancellations of the project in many occasions. If the progress of Juba- Bor-Malakal Highway is the one irking some individuals into fabricating lies against Bol Mel, then we the sons and daughters of the Upper Nile region won’t allow such mischievous character assassinations by individuals who want to tarnish the name of Bol Mel so that the road construction in the region doesn’t happen as it’s planned.

Connecting Bol Mel to the much-disfranchised oil sector in South Sudan as a gist of his sanction won’t materialize because we will defend him by all mean due to his patriotism in doing his work as given to him by the president as a national project. It’s time now for South Sudanese to be aware of some individuals and crooks who pretend to be helping Kiir but instead are derailing his national development agenda across the country. We are aware of the propaganda being run underground by a well-corroborated network of cartels who are trying to improvised falsehoods details and hand them over to the sanction committee of the UN so that Bol Mel is sanction such that the projects he is currently doing are all stop through the international community. It’s the same political strategy being used by such individuals to put him on the hedge with the president so that their closeness is tossed out.

The Juba-Bor-Malakal Highway will be an economic lifeline to the region and its environs and its progressive success shouldn’t be used by individuals to settle their hidden egoism behind the curtain of blackmailing one patriotic citizen ( Bol Mel ) whose developmental acronyms are known by every citizen in the country. The road will spur commerce, hospitality, and tourism industry, peace, and cohesion among the communities who are living along with it, development of other infrastructures such as social amenities, improves security in the region, and many others. Hence making it one of the national projects whose grand appealing shouldn’t be politicized by enemies of development and progress. It’s Bol Mel mega business empire such as ABMC that have spur entrepreneurial skills and commerce in the country since we became a sovereign state, other businessmen have been given national contracts and tenders but they failed to do their job and instead run away with the public money through shoddy deals.

The concerned activists from the Upper Nile region are hereby urging president Salva Kiir to protect Bol Mel from these marauding tenderpreneurs’ business and political cartels who want to expose to danger the national projects that are currently underway in the region. The president and the international community should be aware of those who are cooking falsehoods against Bol Mel so that he is sanction by the UN Security Council and Economic Commission so that the projects he is currently undertaking get an annulment and this can be detrimental to the region and its people.

Bol Mel is one of the Red Army war children with the conscious and reproductive mind for the ongoing destruction in our country. He has contributed heavily to the liberation struggle that we are enjoying now and that is why he felt there is a need to help President Salva and his new administration to end the war and embark on development. Juba-Bor-Malakal road is not for the presidency and the people of the Upper Nile region as some spoilers alluded. It is a national road project that will benefit all South Sudanese regardless of the region and political differences. We argue president Salva Kiir to be very vigilant for the so-called NCP-SPLM who have no clue about the vision of the SPLM/A of the 21 years of struggle against Arab marginalization. If they crucified Bol Mel, then they will crucify you Mr. president within a short time possible. It’s time for you to wake up and call the shot to those who are spoiling the vision and mission of transforming the country from the current social, economic and political stagnation.


David Deng.
Peter Nyok.


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