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A suspect in the shooting of the Bishop-elect in the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek, Christian Carlassare, pleaded guilty before the high court in Juba Thursday.

Six suspects were arraigned yesterday in Juba, and one of them confessed to having shot Fr. Carlassare.

The suspect told the court that he shot the cleric, but could not give details during the opening session of the court proceedings.

Speaking in the first hearing of the case, high court judge, Alexander Sabor Subke, said the case was still in its infancy as he rescheduled the second hearing for Monday, February 7, 2022.

The lawyers of the defendants who declined to disclose their names to the media said it was still a long way to go in the case, despite the fact that one of the suspects had already pleaded guilty.

They said other legal proceedings would follow to determine his conviction.

They pleaded for the defendant to be subjected to a fair and free trial so that justice could prevail.

“It is yet to be concluded because today was only the confirmation of the accused names and other minor issues. But the next session will be for the hearing of the investigator,” said one of the counsels who represented the suspects.”

“We have not yet reached that stage of guilty or not guilty [plea taking]. These are preliminary stages. We are still far away from determining the facts. The only message (we have) is that we need justice to prevail, the case to be sped up and the accused to be accorded a fair and free trial, ” the person said.

The plans:

Fr Christian was appointed as bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek on March 8, 2021, by Pope Francis. This was after the post had remained vacant since 2011, following the untimely death of Bishop Caesar Mazzolari, who collapsed and died at the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

Carlassare was supposed to be installed as a bishop on May 23, 2021. He was serving in Malakal Diocese since his arrival in the country in 2005.

Bishop-elect shot:

On April 25, 2021, twelve suspects, including three clerics suspected to have pioneered the alleged shooting of the bishop-elect of Rumbek Catholic Diocese, Fr. Christian Carlassare, were arrested over the shooting of the bishop-elect of Rumbek Diocese.

Through facilitation from the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF), Christian was flown to Nairobi after primary management by doctors working with the Africa CUAMM.

The Association of Catholic Information in Africa (ACIA), in their report, said the bishop-elect was shot in both legs by two armed men at his residence in Rumbek.

“When the two men shot the Bishop-elect, one of them dropped his phone and the Bishop fell on it. It is this phone that the security used to find the people connected, ” ACIA quotes their source.

President Salva Kiir Mayardit described the shooting as a disgrace and called for an immediate investigation.

“The reprehensible act of violence meted on him is unacceptable, and it must stop. I call upon all South Sudanese to condemn the criminals who carried out this heinous crime in the strongest terms possible,” the president noted.

Assailant forgiven:

It was later reported that Fr Christian had forgiven his attackers and prayed for kindness and reconciliation in the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek.

“I take this chance to greet all of you, my brothers and sisters, in Rumbek. I want you to be at peace to know that I am well here in hospital (Nairobi) and been taken care of and I am improving,” shot Bishop-elect Fr. Carlassare said from a hospital in Nairobi.

“It will take some time for my legs to be able to walk again, but I assure you that I will be back, and I will be with you.”

The cleric further called on his fellow Christians in Lakes State and Rumbek to come together and unite, reconcile and forgive one another for the betterment of the country.

“Please let us be united in prayers, let us be united with all our hearts, let us promote forgiveness to enable [us] to seek for justice with the heart of God which is mercifully heart; the heart that can preach peace, mercy to any person,’’ he appealed.

“I see the values of unity, forgiveness present in each one of us, although I am far from you, I feel united to you and also be untied with me in this process of reconciliation.”

His recovery:

In July 2021, Fr Christian fully recovered and was spotted to have resumed his duties in Nairobi, Kenya later on.

“Fr. Christian Carlassare is still in Nairobi, he is recovered fully and doing well, and as a man of God he will always give the word of God to his people,” said Father Andrea Osman.

However, Fr. Christian has returned to Italy since he was discharged from a hospital in Nairobi.

Source: City Review SS ©

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Why afterplay is as important as foreplay for couples



Why afterplay is as important as foreplay for couples. Photo | Photosearch
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By Joachim Osur


What you need to know:  We are all familiar with foreplay. But what about post-coital play?

The core to great sex is feeling emotionally and physically attached to your partner. Foreplay is a known first step into coitus. It is the preparatory stage and comprises psychological, emotional, and physical preparedness before penetration. But what happens when the act has ended?

That’s when the after-play happens. That’s the immediate moment when one or both of the intimate couple have reached their end.

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Saturday_Magazine 16 min ago
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Susan Karanja

But what do you do after the event? Chances are it’s a quick cuddle, maybe a kiss, and then lights out. Or it’s straight to slumber.

But according to study only a fifth of women reach orgasm during sex all the time, meaning that 80 per cent are going without.

This is why it’s good to know that orgasm is not the sole key to great sex.

If you think of sex as a long-distance race, then foreplay is your warm-up, the race itself is your sex session, and after-play is your cool-down.

That’s the point of discussion in the women’s Chama meeting.

“He climaxes before me and leaves me hanging, pushes me away, and goes into a deep sleep,” the Chairperson lamented, “I am left staring at the roof as he snores like a lion!”

“Mine warns me that I should not disturb him when I try to cuddle or talk because he is tired,” another member chips in.

“They are very friendly and loving before the act,” said the vice-chairperson, “but you become enemies immediately he is done.”

To have healthy and satisfactory sex, it is important to understand the stages one goes through during the sex process. This helps in understanding the behaviour of your partner from the beginning to the end of the process and gives you peace of mind rather than anxiety and frustration which are common in most sexual encounters.

Many people are aware of foreplay. It is the time that your partner is most interested in you and in the act unless they have a sexual problem in which case they can be anxious and sometimes scared, fearing that they may fail. Many couples talk seductively to each other at this time and use all their five senses for arousal.

“Yes, it is something we enjoy as women; the kisses, curdles, massages….” said a member, “not to mention being treated like a queen.”

Successful foreplay is marked by an enhancing mood, psychological peace, and lubrication all of which are important in the next stage of coitus.

“Yes, and we wish our men could make it longer,” said the chairperson.

The second stage of sex is marked by penetration. Also called the plateau stage, it is what men enjoy the most. The excitement is high and maintained.

The second stage ends in the third one which is orgasm which is the peak of excitement. Sometimes the lady may get an orgasm before the man. Sometimes the couple climaxes together. The unique thing with women at this stage is that they can get multiple orgasms in one cycle. A man however gets only one orgasm and moves to the fourth stage.

In the fourth stage, a man loses his erection. He is naturally unable to continue having penetrative sex. Depending on their ages, men need as few as 30 minutes in their teenage years to as long as 24 hours in their elderly ages to recover before initiating another cycle.

“So what do you expect a woman who has been left hanging to be doing during this time of a man’s paralysis?” a member asked to which everyone burst out laughing.

“Yes, tell us, do you want some of us whose husbands are aging to keep waiting for 24 hours before the act can continue?” another member asked emotionally.

They are right. After-play can help with the cooling down after the act, make sex more enjoyable, build a stronger bond, forge a healthy relationship and lead to more sex.


This brought me to the issue of the day, why do men switch off after the act?

Two key components: fatigue and lack of understanding. James Halpern and Mark A. Sherman wrote “Afterplay: The Key to Intimacy” in 1979 where they looked at 264 men and women. The majority fell asleep within an hour of having sex and the rest were unsatisfied with their after-play experiences.

The good thing is that when they wake up they may be in the foreplay mood again so not everything is lost.

“True but if he finishes before me he should be loving enough to know that I also need an orgasm!” a member noted.

Yes, more fondling and more intercourse is always an option but it doesn’t have to be. The moments after sex are moments of vulnerability. Post-coital depression is when a partner feels empty or unhappy after intercourse. Afterplay is important in situations like this as it can reassure the partner through touch and intimacy.


If the couple understands how the body works, the bedroom wars will be less. It is wrong for the man to be hostile after coitus but the woman needs to also understand that he is in natural sexual paralysis.


The couple should agree that once the recovery is over, the process should restart. In other words, the after play needs to be as loving as the foreplay and there should be no pressure to head to penetration.


Also do note that the making love phases do not always flow from the first to the last. In fact, it can start and end with foreplay. Couples need to enjoy each bit of their romantic encounter without dictating when and what the end ought to be. If this becomes the attitude, there will be no winners and losers in the bedroom because sex, then, does not have to be a contest for achieving anything other than pleasure.

Via Saturday_Magazine

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Supermodel Amelia Sky dies in Juba



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South Sudan’s beloved model Amelia Aboud Michael Sky, winner of several international awards died in Juba on Monday, family have confirmed.

Her elder sister Ebony Aboud said the catwalk supermodel commonly known as Amelia Sky passed away due to Anemia and throat infection, immediately after his arrival from Yambio.

“She took a boda-boda to bring her to Juba because there was no bus coming to Juba due to security issues. She took three days to reached Juba, and in a process, she got sick because of heavy rains and dust,” said Ebony.

“She died in Juba while being taken to the hospital,” she added.

The beauty queen reportedly traveled to Yambio four months ago after her father died.

According to Ebony, her sister went home to pay respect and build the tomb of their father who had died in her absence.

A kindergarten teacher, who studied business and accounting at the American School of South Sudan in Juba, Amelia has also represented South Sudan at international modelling competitions, where she won awards.

She contested for South Sudan at World Miss University 2017 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and also competed at Top Model of the World in El Gouna Egypt in July 2017, where she finished among the Top 10.

Again in March last year, she represented her country at the Top Model of the World 2020 in Hurghada, Egypt but she was unplaced.

On August last year, she represented South Sudan at Miss Supranational 2021 in Nowy Sącz, Małopolska, Poland and was named the Top Model of Africa.

On April 2, 2022, she represented South Sudan at Miss Environment International 2022 in Mumbai, India. She was second runner-up to Kayra Wouters of Belgium and was crowned Miss Biodiversity 2022.

Her sister, Ebony said Amelia hastily left Yambio for Juba because she was supposed to travel to Germany for her modelling career.

“She has always been a pillar of our household, and the family depended on her for everything,” said her emotional sister.

“She was very strong, kind and everyone love her specially when she travels abroad to represent South Sudan.”

Via  Eyeradio

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Watchdog ‘disappointed’ as Eastern Equatoria postpones graduation of peace forces for third time



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In a statement to Sudans Post on Tuesday, Edmund Yakani, the Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), said his organization is disappointed over the continued postponement of graduation of peace forces in Eastern Equatoria warning the delay is frustrating soldiers.

A South Sudan civil society watchdog has expressed disappointment after the government of Eastern Equatoria State said the graduation of the unified forces has again been pushed to at least 16 September, 2022.

On September 13, Eastern Equatoria State information minister Patrick Oting Cyprian said the delay is due to logistical issues and registration of the forces and that authorities were still analyzing before they come up with the final list of those who will be graduated.

“Because of the logistical issues and the registration of these forces, they are still analyzing and they are still crosschecking the original names that they have in that list because they were people at the training center ready for graduation who did the training and finished but now we have other forces who are coming in who were not even at the training center and they needed to be graduated,” Oting told Radio Tamazuj said.



In a statement to Sudans Post on Tuesday, Edmund Yakani, the Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), said his organization is disappointed over the continued postponement of graduation of peace forces in Eastern Equatoria warning the delay is frustrating soldiers.

“CEPO is expressing disappointment over the continuation postponement of the graduation for the unified forces in Eastern Equatoria state for third times. These continuous postponements discouraging gained momentum and posing indicators of possibility of frustrating the soldiers and likelihood of abandoning them like in the past,” Yakani said.

“The leadership of the unified command and the JDB and JTSC should act on the issue of supporting the graduation of the unified forces in Eastern Equatoria sate immediately,” he added.

The activist further called on the presidency to support the government of Eastern Equatoria state in ensuring the timely graduation of the unified forces to provide security for the people of Eastern Equatoria state and of course the country.

“The presidency should urgently support the government of Eastern Equatoria state with the necessary support for graduating the unified forces urgently since redeployment is essential step of transitional security arrangements,” Yakani said.

“Redeployment of the graduated unified forces is a key factor of motivation for enrollment of new branch of the face two of forces for training, graduation and redeployment. Consistency in the actions of training, graduating and redeploying of the require faces of the unified forces is an essential demonstration of renewal of political pledge and commitment for transitioning the situation from Violence to peace though genuine R-ARCSS implementation,” he stressed.

The statement concluded by “urging the leadership in Juba to ensure that quick graduation of unified forces in the states are delivered immediately without any delayed so we open window for enrollment of phase two of the unification of forces.”


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