Successful Diversity or Multiculturalism Demand Shared Values and Responsibility

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By Jerkuei Marek Anyuon

In Melbourne Australia

Diversity alone without responsibility for making it inclusive and beneficial to all, can’t be the basis of unity for adverse society composed of sub-communities with differing economic and social values, and utter disrespect or respect for symbols of National Unity such as Flag, Rule of Law and Freedom of Speech. Unity in diversity need shared values. And it is difficult to be a respectful citizen of a country you disrespect its National Values because you believed they are not inclusive. That put you on a collision course with those who believed those values have served them better for decades if not centuries.

For example, when you are alone in meditation, what make you feel proud to be Australian? And do you undoubtedly believed you share that as uniting factor with all Aussies? Because a nation without shared values or identity can only survive to the level of their tolerance of each other. The most dangerous people pushing this breakeven point are the political leaders who don’t see this lack of shared values as a warning for National disaster but as ground for recruiting political supporters using segregated identity politics. Claiming diversity when it is politically expedient while failing to recognised it potentials for National disaster.

Therefore, with triumphant global identity politics supported by social media without regulations, It is possible under these circumstances to lose a century old National stability using a 30 seconds videoclip such as those from BLM protestors in the United States. I believe it’s important we collectively identify acts considered wrong and condemn them, while promoting acts which collectively Unite us, through a national and honest conversation. The current politics of us against them without conversation on issues which matters to us all, will in the long run affect us all.

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