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SSUF/A ; accuse government of attacking their positions in Lakes State

SSUF/A accuse government of attacks their positions in Lakes State

The official SSUF/A Deputy Military Spokesman, darely seizes this position to update the general public, South Sudanese at large and the international community concerns about the government’s declaration of full scale of war against mighty SSUF/A movement in disguise and this is confirmed to us by numerous offensives orchestrated by government forces on our positions across the country.

It was on the 9th of January 2022 when an incident happened at War-Adhiric area of Rumbek Central county, Lakes State. In the process of persuing the assailants, we sustained minior injuries and the SSUF/A invincible forces loyal to Gen. Paul Malong Awan, managed to repulse back the attacking government forces with the heavy losses…as well as (6) six government soldiers died on spot, two wounded, we captured 9 AKA 47 rifiles, 1 PKM machine gun and we remain in full control of the entire War-Adhiric area in Lakes State.

We condemn this large scale of anti-peace campaign staging by regime on our forces in its strongest term possible. This is an engine of peace distraction and may rapidly derail the tabled Rome peace initiative, if without a watchful eye.

SSUF/A immediately calls upon the regional blocs, the AU, IGAD and the international community particularly the community of Sant’Egidio to separately investigate these massive assaults on our forces by government troops and hold those responsible for these malicious attacks accountable.

In conclusion, we remind the South Sudanese within the country or in diaspora that, SSUF/A is committed to the ongoing Rome initiative meant to find an amicable solution towards war-torn South Sudan…but, we will extend ahead, if the government is not going to withdraw its fist!

Maj. Philip Deng Kuol Nguot
SSUF/A Deputy Military Spokesperson GHQs


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