SSPDF terrorising Loa residents, claims MP

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SSPDF terrorising Loa residents, claims MP



A Member of Parliament representing the Pageri Constituency in Magwi County at the Reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly has accused soldiers deployed along the Juba-Nimule road of causing insecurity.

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Julius Moilinga claimed that a group of the South Sudan People’s Defence Forces (SSPDF) patrolling along the highway went on a rampage on October 20 to beat civilians in Loa before apprehending them.

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“On the 20th of this very month, some of the soldiers patrolling along this road without any instruction from anybody decided to go on rampage apprehending people who were just preparing their homes. They came from the camps, a huge number of them and arrested [the people] and [robbed money from them],” Moilinga said.

He revealed that the soldiers were arrested and arraigned at a military court.

He called on the concerned ministries to end the impunity perpetrated by the members of the organised forces and encourage those who were still in the refugee camps to return home.

“I rise to inform this house in the presence of the minister of defence and veteran affairs, the minister of interior and other concerned ministries that time of impunity is over.

“Whatever happens South Sudan we must criticize whether in Awiel, Upper Nile or Equatoria. The people have to come home and rebuild their lives because enough is enough,” Moilinga told the August house.

Moilinga said the deployment of the forces along the road was to reassure the returnees and the refugees of safety and allow them to return home but the custodians of security were ironically distracting the movement of people and causing problems along the Juba-Nimule road.

“We don’t want nonsense in this country. We don’t want to give chance to the rebels to say that now look, it is the same SSPDF soldiers who are disturbing civilians,” Moilinga stressed.

On August 15, 2021, a centenary celebration was held in Loa, where President Salva Kiir gave a signature statement encouraging the refugees who came from neighbouring Uganda to attend the centenary and return to their homes and start rebuilding lives.

But on August 16, an ambush was laid along Juba-Nimule road and two catholic nuns and three other passengers were killed in cold blood between Aru junction and Kubi.

Following the incident, several successive ambushes continued along the road in which truck drivers from Kenya and Uganda were also killed. This resulted in a week-long sit-down strike by the truckers to travel to Juba.

It prompted the government to deploy the security forces along the high to facilitate the safety of the truck drivers and remove all the illegal checkpoints on the road.

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