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SSPDF ranks and salaries Natalina Aweng Promoted to a rank of Colonel

SSPDF ranks and salaries Natalina Aweng Promoted to a rank of Colonel

Colonel : Mama Natalina Aweng Abior, image source unknown

Mama Natalina Aweng Abior, i really don’t how and where to start to express my happiness because of your recent long-awaited deserve military promotion from the rank of Major to Colonel. No other person is very happy more than me at this moment of your promotion. Maybe the father of your children is number one and I am number two among those who are happy about this promotion.

Oh, Mama Awengdit, all I can say is that I wish you good health 100% and success in your daily activities. In Jesus’s name, I pray to let Almighty God continue protecting you and bring more opportunities on your way in order to get more resources and limitless power so that you will continue to help many people, organizations, and this country as you have been doing it in past decades since liberation struggle until now. Mama, you are the only Tonj woman whose gate and kitchen remain open for everyone who lacks water and food. Despite this devastating economic crisis, you never lack something good, big or small to give to the needy. You are a true believer and you are a true leader. Mama, you deserve more ranks and good assignments whereas you can help thousands of people if not millions of people.

Mama, kindly count me – your son Michael Wetnhialish to the people who know your rare powerful personality, loyalty, and generosity. And this is what made you special among people in generations. This is why your promotion came alone without any single complaint or lobbying for it. Congratulations Mama Aweng with your colleagues for your deserves promotion.


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