SPLMIO accuse government forces of violating permanent ceasefire in upper Nile

This morning the 26/01/2021 at about 8:00AM, a combined force of National Security forces, Tiger and the SSPDF attacked the SPLA-IO assembly area of Bankida in complete violations of the Permanent ceasefire.

The SPLA-IO forces tactically withdrew from Bankida on directives from the SPLA-IO High Command.

The SPLA-IO strongly condemn this constant suicidal act of aggression against its forces and positions by forces of the SPLM-IG; and, is therefore, demanding a complete withdrawal of this combined force from Bankida as soon as possible to avoid the escalation of this provocative attack.

The SPLA-IO remains committed to the implementation of the Security Arrangements in particular and the R-ARCSS in general but it holds the right to self defence when attacked statement obtained by Thejubamirror. .

Col. Lam Paul Gabriel
SPLA-IO Deputy Military Spokesperson


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