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SPLM is being intentionally infiltrated and weakened-Senior JCE member, Dr. Aldo Ajou

SPLM is being intentionally infiltrated and weakened-Senior JCE member, Dr. Aldo Ajou


Former member of NCP, now current South Sudan Presidential Advisor on Security


A prominent senior Jieng Council of Elders member, Dr. Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey, said on Saturday that enemies of South Sudan from Khartoum, Sudan infiltrated the SPLM with the intention of “weakening.” He said this should immediately be addressed, according to a letter addressed to a private audience seen by Ramciel.

“As we speak, the SPLM is being intentionally infiltrated and weakened. Let’s take charge of our party, build liberal democracy and stop disorganized political emigrants for good.”

He accuses SPLM IO and the members of the National Congress Party-NCP of escaping the “political heat in Khartoum, Sudan” to destroy the SPLM.

“Rebellions by the SPLM leaders must be contained and stopped because it is overdue. The SPLM is fully being infiltrated by the main enemies of our country, through the SPLM IO and members of the defunct NCP, escaping their political heat from Khartoum, Sudan.”

According to him, SPLM leaders expressing fear are telling “the world that “we have failed” because of the insecurity threatening the country.

“Fears are being expressed by the leaders of the SPLM, telling the world that “we have failed!” Sounds good enough, since the chaos and mounting insecurity threaten the national livelihood.”

He believes it is not too late for the ruling party to pull itself together to do something about the situation and make the desired change needed in the country.

“It is not too late if the SPLM pulls itself together, from Buma to national level and revisits its national achievements, changes its politico-militarism and converts to liberalism in order to lead the change from dictatorship to liberal democracy and the rule of law.”

Aldo suggested a new meeting organized by H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit could possibly solve this issue.

“The Chairman of the SPLM, Salva Kiir Mayardit, should call the Liberation Council, not later than April/May 2021, reorganize the Party in order to coop up with the modernization of the political land escapes.”

Aldo has come out lately addressing the issues surrounding the leadership in the country. As a top member of the infamous Jieng Council of Elders, he tells his audience about the important role played by the JCE in “restoring” peace in the world’s young nation.

His most recent stand was the endorsement of the report of the committee for the National Dialogue which suggested Kiir and Machar step aside from leading the country. However, he is still hopeful about the future of the SPLM including winning the upcoming general elections.

“SPLM can continue and re-emerges strongly, determined to win the expected general elections in 2024, God willing. In this ongoing R-ARCSS, its R-TGoNU, Presidency, and States Governments, the SPLM executive positions must be filled by its competent leaders.”

Via Ramciel Broadcasting.


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