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SPLM-IO launches a new logo and a flag

SPLM-IO launches a new logo and a flag


SPLM-IO newly adopted logo (Photo Credit :Courtesy Image)







Juba, South Sudan

March 8, 2022 — South Sudan’s main armed opposition, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – In Opposition (SPLM – IO) has adopted a new logo and a flag on March 6, 2022.

In a statement extended to thejubamirror news desk the Logo a visionary red Phoenix bird instilled on a white background encircled by concentric colored rings starting with blue, white, green and white on the outside,


According to the architects, this combination symbolize the vision and mission SPLM/A-IO, stated as follow:

“.. The Phoenix symbolizes: Resilience, Immortality, Resurrection, Power and Victory.”, part of the statement reads.

“.. The golden rays symbolize the vision for prosperity and happiness of the people;

“.. The red color of the Phoenixsymbolizes the blood of martyrs and comradeship;

“.. The blue color symbolizes patriotism, loyalty and harmony and as well as the colors of the sky, rivers and lakes;

“.. The white color symbolizes unity, wisdom, stability and peace;

“. The green color symbolizes agriculture, natural resources and prosperity;

” The color of the flag is cobalt blue;

“Freedom, Peace and Justice (IO) is the people’s Choice.” the further explained.

During the fourth SPLM-IO National Liberation Council’s meeting in December last year, the leadership of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-In-Opposition (SPLM-IO) said their meeting marked the transition of the group from an armed movement into democratic political party that will only adopt political approaches to push its reform agenda in South Sudan, leaving its armed forces stranded in the bushes across the country.




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