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SPLM/A-IO Military Spokesman- Lam Paul Gabriel Spoken truth at least for the First Time regarding the R-ARCSS!

SPLM/A-IO Military Spokesman- Lam Paul Gabriel Spoken truth at least for the First Time regarding the R-ARCSS!

By. Mak Banguot Gok (Makjohnson),

This is for the first time in nearly three years since the commencement of R-ARCSS that, the SPLM-IO ‘supporters, whether in South Sudan or elsewhere have heard of the movement’s Juba-based Military Spokesman Lam Paul Gabriel openly admitting the R-ARCSS is not yielding any fruits so far. It was comprehensible that partners to the agreement are not making any authentic promise to the actual implementation of the agreement. We don’t know what next after the SPLM-IO leadership in Juba acknowledged that, Peace Agreement is in coma? Still more of the important communication thought of to be with the Spokesman’s insertions on these public notices.

In similar development, the same Spokesman has made clear the blurred status of SPLM/A-IO Chief of Army. According to the spokesman, it has been decided upon by what he called “SPLM/A-IO military leadership in Juba to institute Lt. Gen. Duop Lham as the SPLM/A-IO’s new army Chief. Lt. General Simon Gatwech Dual preserves for his non-military position as an Advisor to the Presidency on Peace. This is where so many questions to be answered by Comrade General Lam are there to be solicited: It was not clear what happened after Gen. Gatwech cast off the appointment so far? Lam Paul acknowledged that, there is going on a clear discrepancy amongst the SPLM-IO leaders over the manner and procedure on which the decision making on the subject of the relief and replacement of an army Chief were reached. But, it is the SPLM-IO’s internal systemic issue that will be tackled according to the spokesman. Therefore, it remains an acquisitive for the mass of the SPLM-IO supporters to know what is really going between the movement’s Juba leadership and its army HQ in the edge of Northern Upper Nile.

Hence! Security arrangement package isn’t getting through. Security circumstances of the SPLM-IO officials in Juba is now deteriorating with frequent security incidents, including shooting, subjective arrests, intimidation and disappearance of the SPLM-IO officials becoming rampant. This is according to the SPLM/A-IO military spokesman attributed to the unimplemented security package of the peace agreement. Plus many other sensitive realities, Lam Paul spoke louder unlike the others who have been expressing their concerns over immovability of the R-ARCSS and cited the same security dilemma. Meanwhile, based on the Movement’s Military Spokesman, SPLM-IO’s political leadership presence in Juba in pretext of R-TGoNU is coming to be of no importance in terms of trust-buildings, and the most anticipated conflict resolution mechanism.

So what? This is where many of us have been telling you all along the need for security arrangements, including the reunification of a proper unified force first and that all the peace packages are to be implemented after. When we keep telling you in Juba about how tactically the peace partner is sabotaging the efforts, it was none of the leadership’s business. It seems the SPLM-IO political leadership currently in Juba doesn’t want to heed several calls for it look like some of them are benefiting out of the public frustrations.

In cognizant of the fact that, there are a growing security concerns worrying personalities within amongst the group in Juba, the SPLM/A-IO leadership came up openly admitting that, Peace Agreement is not going on well; there is no easy answer as to when the security arrangements including the reunification of proper unified forces will be implement.

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