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SPLA-IO-Goverment allied Forces Tensions: Is War Imminent in Malual Gahoth?


SPLA-IO-Goverment allied Forces Tensions: Is War Imminent in Malual Gahoth?

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Thousands of civilians in Longechuk and Maiwut counties in Upper Nile state are in imminent danger from fighting as the SPLA-IO forces are preparing to launch heavy attack in Eastern Upper Nile.   Several sources from Juba on Sunday morning confirmed to Bilpam Radio that an attack is imminent on government allied force in Malual Gahoth.
Sources say SPLA-IO forces under the first vice president Dr. Riek Machar are near, coming from Nasir and Longechuk counties and they are now approaching Malual Gahoth.   National Monitoring and Verification team (MVT) from Malakal also confirmed the movement of SPLA/IO forces towards East.
“(MVT) from Malakal received call from Brigadier Wal Deng Ador, SSPDF Brigade 18 based in PAGAK and was confirmed by Maj.General James Khor Chuol Giet in Juba Who’s stated that SPLM/A-IO are moving in two categories to attack Malual Gahoth Military base for Maj.General James Khor Chuol’s Forces”, Monitoring team reported.
Top officials from SPLM-IO in Nasir county and Longechuk have been accused of mobilisation of local youth( the white army ) and SPLA-IO forces in the areas and sending them to fight in Malual Gahoth.
“The Nasir County Commissioner Duol Kun Thian send Forces from Nasir under command of Brigadier General Hokdor Chuol. These forces were moving from Jikmir to Maker Gaguang they’re almost to Malual Gahoth.
The Longechok County Commissioner Dak Tut Dey also send forces from Mathiang toward Malual Gahoth. This is to notify CTSAM-VM incase there will be fighting in the areas of Longechok”, reads the statement in parts.
According to CTYSAMVM, these attacks were mentioned by Colonel Nelson Mandela Jacob on Friday 17 during Mvt Malakal DAP to Malual Gahoth.
Mandela was telling team not to go to Malual Gahoth, he said that there will be fighting in Malual Gahoth that’s mean Nelson Mandela knows SPLM/A-IO Forces are prepared to attack Malual Gahoth.
On his part , a top government official from Upper Nile state who spoke to Bilpam Radio on Condition of anonymity blaming the leadership of Nuer of failing to solving their own problems for themselves.
” Are we going to get back those who will die tomorrow in Malual Garhooth fight?
Let us not allow our people to die for nothing. why don’t we adopt the Dinka policies of solving their own problems peacefully for themselves”, he concluded.





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