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South Sudanese top security Generals and Politicians to held Secret Meetings in Nairobi Kenya

Akol Koor Kuch, Tut Kew Gatluak Manine, and Benjamine Bol Mel have emerged in a secret meeting in Nairobi to plan on how to remove President Kiir from power. They have taken hotel rooms in Nairobi town but also rented an apartment belonging to Ethiopians in Lavington from where they are carrying out their clandestine meetings

Curiously, Gen James Hoth Mai, Pagan Amum, Gen Uyai Deng Ajak and Cirrinho Iteng happen to also be in Nairobi and are meeting them.

This follows the Facebook live interview Gen. Paul Malong held over the weekend where Gen Malong condemned the rampant insecurity which is killing civilians and lack of democracy and freedom of expression in the country South Sudan.

Gen Malong exposed Akol Koor Kuc, Benjamin Bol Mel and Tut Kew as the people who are funding the insecurity in South Sudan so that they can continue cheating Kiir that they are protecting him while they rape and blunder the country.

The two have managed to convince Salva Kiir to kick out of the system all those people who fought the Arabs in the bushes of South Sudan and now Tut Kew who was living with the Arabs and killing South Sudanese are now the people who are eating the fruits of independence with Akol Koor who was never in the bush

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