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South Sudanese students in Uganda suspend their council speaker over alleged misconduct

JUBA – The Administrative Tribunal of South Sudanese Students’ Union in Uganda has suspended the student body’s council speaker, Mamuch Deng Nyang, over allegations of “misconduct and forgery of the stamp.”

Mr. Mamuch Deng Nyang was suspended for impeaching the Chairman of Union, Gum Beny Machar, last month without following the legal procedures provided for in the association’s constitution.

“The President of South Sudanese Students’ Union in Uganda on 17th August 2022 confirmed the suspension of Mr. Mamuch Deng Nyang prior to the judgment passed on 15th of August, 2022 by the Union’s Administrative Tribunal court ruling where he was suspended,” a letter seen by Sudans Post saidb

The Union cautioned the public to disengage with the suspended speaker on matters related to Union’s businesses.

The Union-Tribune warned the speaker of any failure to comply with the suspension will warrant criminal proceedings.

“Mr. Mamuch is asked to cooperate and immediately cease from the Union’s business in the speaker capacity and any failure will warrant further criminals proceedings using any available means,”

The Deputy Speaker Tito Telau Muorwel will remain the acting speaker until Deng’s matter is resolved.

“The Deputy Speaker Rt Hon. Tito Telau Muorwel is to act as the Speaker until Mr. Mamuch clears his face before Tribunal,” it said.

Speaker Mamuch Deng Nyang said the rumors about his suspension going around social media are concocted lies.

Deng claimed that Machar was impeached last month and that he doesn’t have the power to suspend him.

“This is to clarify to the public that Gum Beny Machar was impeached and even if he was the president, he has no legal capacity to suspend an elected leader,” Deng said in a statement extended to Sudans Post.

Deng described his suspension as a “broad daylight miscarriage of the union’s constitutions.”

He accused President Machar of swindling over 40,000 U.S dollars meant for students’ welfare.

“Mr. Gum Beny Machar has swindled over 40,000 U.S dollars meant for students. He used these monies for personal interest. He has no way of accounting for the money hence resorting to diversion.”

In July this year, the speaker of the Union, Mamuch Deng Nyang impeached the President of the South Sudanese Students’ Union in Uganda Gum Beny Machar for allegations that he was involved in corruption and manipulation.

Deng alleged that Machar was impeached by the student organization’s lawmaking body after the president failed to provide answers to critical questions raised by the students regarding the use of the student organization’s financial assets.

Machar denied all the allegations describing it as “mere rumor” and “illegal” adding that it was concocted lies intended to tarnish his good image and that of the Union.

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