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South Sudan Spy Chief Position intensifies as Gen.Majak Akec on a Marathon lobbying to replace Gen.Akol Koor

South Sudan Spy Chief Position intensifies as Gen.Majak Akec on a Marathon lobbying to replace Gen.Akol Koor

There are seemingly intensive lobbying and chess games among officers of the South Sudan security organs such as the NSS, SSNPS, MI, and the presidential elite unit ( The Tiger Battalion ) over who becomes the next Director-General of National Security Services- Spy chief ( ISB ). This is following expectations that the present Director-General of NSS-ISB, Gen. Akol Koor’s is encountering rigorous challenges after several criticisms from a section of people closer to Kiir over his poor espionage and involvement in a clandestine political game. His relationship with other Security organs head has been eroding since the leaked document that called for a change in top leadership leading to the formation of PCCA which many sources attribute as a brainchild organization of, Gen. Akol Koor.

The scramble for the position of Spy chief has caused a dramatis personae mainly consist of the IGP Gen. Majak Akec Malok and his deputies in the rank of Assistant Inspector-General of Police, but, this time around, the lobbyists are exclusively eyeing Majak as the ultimate replacement of Akol Koor. This new development, according to credible sources, is to affect the current administration’s change mantra in the force which may cause internal security breaches in the country especially when the formation of security arrangements hasn’t been formalized.

Interestingly, the lobbyists are placing their hopes on their connections with the leadership of the ruling party while the ability to steer the ship of the exalted but challenging position has been thrown overboard. On the other hand, the incumbent Director-General of NSS-ISB is seriously battling for extension giving what he perceives as his unrivaled achievements since he came on the saddle during the ruling party crisis leading to the 2013 civil war. Unfortunately, both his colleagues in the intelligent management board and other contenders to the demanding position feel otherwise.

IGP- Gen. Majak Akec
Hacked ascendancy

Intriguingly, South Sudanese, especially security experts are pessimistic about the long-practiced method of ascendancy in the force which they contend gave room to brazen corruption and continued decadence in the force. So far, the majority of the opinion points to a new beginning that will herald total cleansing in the beleaguered force which, to a large extent, will eliminate tribalism, favoritism, and many other vices that have bedeviled the force. It is a generally held opinion that such a move by the President will lead to the appointment of a lesser officer whose properly spelled out policies will dovetail into the much-touted community intelligence which the country desperately deserves at this time.

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