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South Sudan media regulator bans journalists from shooting videos using drones during papal visit

–South Sudan’s Media Authority, the government institution tasked with overseeing media operations in the country, has barred Journalists from shooting videos with drones during papal visit, citing security concerns.

Elijah Alier Kuai, Managing Director of Media Authority said both national and international journalists are prohibited from covering papal visit events with camera drones.

“I would like to make clarification on one thing if you are an international or national journalist who is in possession of a camera drone; please it is prohibited to be used,” Alier said while addressing journalists during the papal visit media briefing in Juba on Tuesday.

Alier said that if there are media houses in possession of drone cameras, they should use avoid them,

“And it is a practice as usual, it is not allowed in South Sudan, so don’t come with a camera drone during this event. This issue made clear to you.”

According to Media Authority, about 293 journalists will cover the arrival of Pope Francis, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Moderator-General of the Church of Scotland.

99 journalists are from the Vatican, 17 from the Office of the President, 15 international journalists, 63 from South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation, 6 regional journalists, 7 from the SSPDF press unit,
and 86 nationals.

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