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South Sudan is really lacking real men and women – The case of the innocent man called Ateny Wek Ateny


South Sudan is really lacking real men and women – The case of the innocent man called Ateny Wek Ateny



Dear, All

Is too shameful and fake to talk for more than 24 hours against the one man called Ateny Wek Ateny, according to my understanding there is nothing wrong and bad completely about the physiological statement of Cde Ateny wek Ateny in Freedom hall, that’s why group of different ages gathered in freedom hall.

Why do men talk using small letters like a woman in my Country? Most of us have good Banana which is huge than what Ateny have now, most of you I know usually used to buy Condoms size XXL in different hotels here in Juba while Ateny Wek Ateny maybe he will use size M to convince ladies who are drawn with you guys.

Stop your bad culture of using small letters, beauty attracts us dear sisters but most of us Control our Eyes because eyes are evil sometimes.

In Addition, let us give Ateny Wek Ateny peace of mind and let him Continue with his lifestyles because pituitary gland forces him to talk like that and in real sense nobody among you here on social media can advice him since he is an Elder person too, Ateny wek Ateny isn’t a Young man for your information, he is approaching 60 years if am not mistaken then who are you to advice him using abusive words simply because he expressed his goodwill.

To Conclude, we are still at the age of Attention Seeking. This is what I realized about my Countrymen and women. Please Cde Ateny Wek Ateny ignore them and continue your business since you started earlier before most of us were born.


By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac

The SPLM Senior political Activist




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