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Some sycophant youths of South Sudan, especially those individual youths from Lakes State should wake up!

By.  Hoc-Thon Laat Maker Riak

From my observation, the youths in or from other states are constructively trying to brainstorm about aspiration for the highest office in the land. Some are even resolving to dream or prepare as presidential candidates to contest for the top Leadership of South Sudan either via an election or other means of attaining the top job in the country!

However, the youths of Lakes State have been known for proposing incompetent leaders NOT even from their own areas but for the sake of ‘handbrake survival”

Don’t you feel ashamed of that? What is the reason you are sent to schools? The meaning of an education is to know your strengths and capabilities rather than incapacitating yourselves by thinking that you and your community are incapable.

Kindly, please it is time to think outside the box and to desist from petty politics of praising thugs and illiterates with their corrupted money.Try to protect your dignity and the community you are hailed as well as the future of your country and bear in mind that South Sudan has no permanent owners or copyright restrictions to it. One day it will be governed by human capital NOT how much you banked from looting.

Your daily posts on the streets are very shallow: who to become the governor of Lakes state? or who to replace who both in federal or state ministerial positions?

Have you not listened to President Salva Kiir Mayaardit speech during the event of Diamond, the Tanzanian artist who rocked Juba city recently?

Our President has clearly stipulated in his speech and I quote “Our time is coming to an end and it’s your time you young generation to govern the country”

I challenge you,the youths of Lakes State to reframe your ambitions and visions and expand them further in the same manner some of the youths of Tonj, Upper Nile and others Region are doing.They are gearing up to take over from our Noble President Kiir Mayaardit, after his term, in the upcoming elections contest for national elections.

ACIBIKLEUYIC International Fraternity’s Mentor Prof. PLO has clearly stated that “When you treat people like God for too long, they begin to think like God, they begin to behave like God.” I asked all Lakes State intellectuals to engage in a constructive criticism and advocates for peaceful coexistence of our communities and refrain from preaching antithetical thoughts.

To those sycophants known for sycophancy, let me tell you a short story. Once upon a time a naturalist who saw a chick of an eagle in a poultry farm and questioned a poultry farmer …and I quote “This is NOT a chick this an eagle ” and the farmer said I know, it was once an eagle but it was fed on a chicken feed for too long and now it has long lost its Eagle-hood as it has acquired a chicken-hood”

My message to those youths is that political leaders go and the country remains! Yes the eagle could have been fed with a chicken feed but an eagle remains an eagle . However, remain as the youths of the future leaders and let’s do the right thing for our country NOT praising 24/7 Temporary Politicians.


Hoc-Thon Laat Maker Riak
President and CEO of ACIBIKLEUYIC Fraternity.


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