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Small passenger Aircraft Slid Off Runway Killing A woman

Passenger Aircraft on Wednesday slid off the runway killing a woman on the spot in Ulang County.

Director of Juba international airport Mr. John Akech said that the passenger Caravan aircraft had 4 Passengers on board and two crew members.

“What happened was that after the plane touched down on the runway, the pilot realized that there was a person in the front so he had to slide off the runway to avoid knocking the person,” Kuot explained. “So, as a result, the plane ended up running into a home nearby, killing an old woman who was inside a room.” – Akech said.

The local airport official confirmed that four people who were on board are all save and sound and called calm.

Ulang County Commissioner and State National Information Minister, both confirmed the incident.

“The incident happened yesterday at 9 am. After the plane landed, it run into a home, destroying four houses and killing an old woman who was in one of the houses. Four other people, including a boy, are in critical condition at a hospital nursing wounds,” Ulang County Commissioner said.

“Four people who were on board are safe and we transported them to Mandeng where they would be airlifted to Juba,” he said.


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