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SEYOSS urges South Sudan government to release Morris Mabor or taken to court.

The Senior Youth of South Sudan (SEYOSS) is an umbrella of Kenya-educated South Sudanese professionals, opinion leaders, Political activists that clamor and campaign for peacefu coexistence, good governance, Human Rights and particularly the rights of political prisoners in South Sudan.

We gathered here before you today, to express unreserved solidarity with a fellow patriot, comrade Morris Mabior Awijok Bak, who was kidnapped and subsequently deported to South Sudan, to face arbitrary detention, torture and/or even death as had happened to previous deportees
Comrade Morris Mabior’s deportation followed the barbaric attack and invasion of his home at Kangundo area allegedly by Kenyan security forces on the 4th of February, 2023. Morris’ deportation was flagrant deprivation of his fundamental Human Rights in contravention of the numerous domestic and international laws.

This act of deportation of refugees and asylum seekers is a gross violation of the Kenya constitution 2010, the Kenya International Crime Act, 2008, and the Rome statute that makes deportation a crime against humanity.
We are reliably informed that Morris Mabior is being detained in a secret detention camp in Juba, with no plans to take him before an impartial court of competent jurisdiction. Incommunicado detention is not known to law, and is therefore extra-judicial and repugnant to the principles of natural justice Morris Mabior Awikjok is among the few South Sudanese public intellectuals with guts to pen an opinion article on critical issues bedeviling South Sudan. His deportation and eventual deprivation of his fundamental human rights, is a ploy by the “political gun class” to gag social critics and dissenting voices in and outside South Sudan.

Unbeknown to them, critics and dissenting voices are the fertilizers for any democracy. Morris Mabior is an articulate and meticulous thinker, who focused much of his intellectual works on exposing runaway corruption, state capture and succession politics pitting the Warrap state’s rival political cabals, who are yearning and grappling to succeed the incumbent President of South Sudan by hook or crook. Malcom X once said; “Evil flourishes because we are not angry to stop it.” Today, we are here to express our legitimate anger and bitterness against the SPLM regime that continues the violation of human rights with impunity. It is crystal clear that the government in Juba has veered off the path of our liberation struggle, for which 2 million people lost their lives. They have lost the essence of liberation.
In 2011, we voted and achieved our right to self-determination with expectations to be a human rights state that thrives in democracy, good governance and prosperity for all. However, at the moment, South Sudanese are not at liberty to express their opinions as the law requires.
Majority of South Sudan’s citizenry are reduced to walking prisoners because they cannot express alternative opinions due to fear of reprisal. As at now, we are speaking at our own peril. But as Irungu Houghton opined in his book – Dialogue and Dissent – “we are seeds. Bury us. We dare you.”
The Independence of South Sudan under the present regime has brought to us unpleasant freedom to submission, coercive silence, freedom to modern-day slavery, freedom to hunger and freedom to destitution and displacement thus converting South Sudan into a refugees state.
Equally, we point fingers at the government of Kenya for fanning and facilitating the violation of human rights by deporting South Sudanese human rights lawyers and political activists. So far, Kenya has deported about five political and human rights Activists some of whom have perished in the hands of the power wielders in Juba.
Kenya is a peace guarantor and a conflict mediator that knows and understands the ongoing civil strife characterized by the shrinking political space in South Suda
In this regard, Kenya should act accordingly in a manner that reflects her status as a revered country that had promulgated one of the most progressive constitutions globally.
As we are closely monitoring with deep concern what is happening to comrade Morris Mabior, and the general situation in South Sudan, we wish to state the following: Condemn the unlawful deportation of Morris Mabior and further demand an end to rampant violations of human rights aimed at prolonging the war and suffering of our people in South Sudan. Call on comrade Morris Mabior to be release or taken to court. The fact that his captors are hesitating to produce him before a court of law is an evidence that he is innocent. We, equally demand all prisoners placed incommunicado detention to be release or taken to the court of law. Call on President Salva Kiir, to order an unconditional release of Morris Mabior in accordance with Pope Francis’ message of forgiveness, peace and reconciliation for South Sudan. On the same vein, we commend his excellency the president for repealing the draconian national security law that allows police to arrest citizens without warrant of arrest.
Call on the government of Kenya to stop fanning and facilitating the violation of human rights in South Sudan. Call on all International human rights organizations to defend and protect the rights defenders in South Sudan.
Call for an immediate de-escalation of the political tension between the two main principals, President Salva Kiir and first Vice president, Dr. Riek Machar. Call for speedy implementation of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS), so that the long-awaited national plebiscite can be held without further delay. Call on the government of South Sudan, to renew and reinvigorate its commitment to the Sant’Egidio community mediated peace talks with the Non-Signatories South Sudanese Opposition Groups (NSSSOG) in Rome, Italy.

Call on the government of South Sudan to stop the unnecessary politicization and forceful return of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and Refugees before peace and security is restored in their respective home states.

In conclusion, South Sudan is experiencing a myriad of social, economic and political challenges perpetuated by the conflict, failure to which the shenanigans will bury the young nation into the historical dustbins. Appreciation goes to the Kenyan people for hosting us whole-heartedly over the years. We wish our Kenyan brothers and sisters a prosperous state going forward as we coexist, with and among each other in this peaceful nation. May South Sudanese learn from this peaceful nation to appreciate and provide democracy a chance to prevails.
God bless Kenya, God bless South Sudan, God bless Africa.

Signatories; Dak Buoth .David Anyieth Kuol .Fidel Deng Makuei Adhor jr. William Makuach Phaltang
Bush Akech. Duot kuer Bul
Tut Kuach Kok

The statement extended to Thejubamirror news Desk.

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