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Ruweng chiefs slash bride price

The chiefs in Ruweng Administrative Area have resolved to slash bride prices to 10 cattle.

The resolution was made during the three-day community conference in Panriang town, where the chiefs reduced the number of cows for marriage from 20 to 10.

Addressing the gathering during the conference, area chief, Thon Bol said the resolution was to help young people afford a dignified marriage.

“Reducing bride prices will assist and encourage our youth to marry in an officially recognized manner,” Thon said.

He added that most of the families have been affected by the current economic situation, making it necessary for some of them to raise more cows and money for marriage.

Thon appealed to his fellow chiefs to implement the policy to lift the burden of high bride prices on some parents who could not afford it.

He urged the government of Ruweng to help in the implementation of customary laws approved by local chiefs.

“I am calling on the leadership to speed up the drafting of the Constitution of the RAA and include the resolutions,” he said.

Stefano Wieu de Mialek, the Chief Administrator of Ruweng, said the conference aimed at deliberating issues affecting the administration with the hope of getting solutions.

“We came together today as Ruweng people to deliberate on all of the challenges we face and find better solutions,” Wieu said.

He appreciated the chiefs’ resolution, particularly the reduction of the bride price.

Wieu promised to work hard to ensure that the resolutions are put into law and implemented.

Also, the conference discussed several issues, including the best way to govern the administrative area.

The communities also set a secondary school certificate as the minimum qualification for the position of county commissioner.

It was also resolved that resources in the Ruweng Administrative Area should be shared equitably among all the counties through the provision of services in all the areas in the area.

The communities also decided that all traditional chiefs would be elected by the people instead of being appointed through the executive order.

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