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Rumbek Family in agony over targets. eviction

A  family in agony over forceful eviction from land the bought since  2021 which they have already owned  Ayen said she has lost the property that was  fifty thousand 50.000 U S dollars on such demolitions in Rumbek   Lakes state . 

A family of veteran and freedom fighter Gen Makur Kulang in Rumbek centre county is in distress after they were forcefully evicted by  Lakes state Authorities she said if my House felt on secondary lines don’t demolish it just take it and used for teachers and other staff of the school but security  officers  refused and it is orders from the above.

Business woman Ayen Makur she was shocked with  targeting  demolitions and eviction to vacated land they have buried their beloved Late Mother  Ayen said it is really expansive to exhumations. 

Speaking to Thejubamirror News on Tuesday, March  21, 2023, Ayen  one of the victims painfully narrated that she was evicted forceful by the security  under Governor Rin Tueny  orders  to demolished her 12 bedrooms that cost  fifty thousand U S  dollars.

Governor Rin also ordered me  to exhumation of my Late Mother body and told him  I have no another plot to my children and body of my late mother which was buried  that plot  she posed.

 Business woman Ayen  is now pleading with the central government to intervene and help her out of the problem her eviction has  make her to feel the death of her  again because she is going to reburied her after eviction from  her main House that opposite with Governor Rin Tueny Mabor House.

At the time, the victims like me not to be help by the government than there will be no justice  for all.  Business woman said she is not a politicians and she has no reason making me to be mistreated deprived by the Lakes state Authorities. 


“The government of lakes state  allocated us the said land in 2021  the documents that I have shared on social Media platform  have shown that the  plot has no issues, Business  woman Ayen Makur Kulang  revealed that her life with siblings is in danger after Governor Rin  threatening her on phone Ayen describes the exercises as targeted individuals like her and she  said we are neighbors with a governor Rin Tueny Mabor House that opposite with my Houses that being demolished 

Lakes state Governor Rin Tueny Mabor neighborhood  questioned the motive behind the eviction and asked the government to intervene  avert looming  danger in demolition in Rumbek town of Lakes State.

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