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Response to the so-called SPLM who called for the replacement of Hon Mary Ayen Majok ,the 1st Deputy Speaker of the Council of State.

By Kennedy Morgan.

I came across an article written by an unknown people who just call themselves SPLM. In that article,they called for the replacement of Hon Mary Ayen. The charges they presented against are that she is not following SPLM policy but focused only on Ruweng State issues and IO. They cited the vote of no confidence against the Governor of Unity State as the reason saying that Hon Mary stood with the the Speaker who is an IO. The paid author failed to note that the 2nd deputy speaker is a blood brother of Dr Nguen. It was a matter of procedure with nothing to do with Parties. The ignorant author went further to say that when there was killing in WES,Hon Mary did not say anything. Even for the least informed ,is there any connection between interclans fights in WES ,Tambura to be specific ,and the extrajudicial and gruesome execution and burning alive of the person by Nguen and Tut Kew?
This tells it is a work of people not happy with the good things Hon Mary is doing… a kind of jealousy. The fighting in Tambura was a long feud between communities there. How does Hon Mary come in here?

In fact ,it was Rt Hon Deng Deng Akon who presided over a sitting to interrogate the Governor on the cause of the incident and why he took the law into his own hand. It was a unanimous decision. Even the old SPLM folks in their declining years, some were former NCP diehards, called a clumsy press conference to talk trashes against the vote of no confidence. Not a single SPLM member in the Council of State denounced the vote of no confidence against Manytuil.
Were they sleeping during the sitting ? It is also telling that they were bribed with the floating cash of Tut Kew.

There is one thing that the author failed to know. The first duty of any leader is to help and fight for the rights of his or her own constituency, then comes your tribe, and the nation ( country). If Hon Mary is doing that,then that is what she is rightly supposed to do. All the prophets started their works in their home towns and later move to the other parts of World. Jesus told his disciples to start preaching in Israel before going to the four corners of the world. Any politics that doesn’t help one’s constituency is that of opportunism and lousy behaviour but not geared towards helping the Party in any way.
What is it that ,those who advised the author in poor English ,have done for the Party?

The author (s) is/ are desperate people/ person intoxicated by the dirty money of Tut Kew. They have no reason to threaten Hon Mary at all cost. All the people in all arms of the government are appointees of the President. It is him to replace anybody whom he thinks is not doing well.

Hon Mary is not devoid of any political ethics as the author has claimed. She is one of the best. Her haters are not happy but they will not win this case. The author is a coward or else reveal your name and the person who paid you to write that obnoxious article. It is important to remind the puppies of the gossipers to keep away from Hon Mary. Mind your own business.

Posting it on the web page of the Opposition but not on the page of the ruling SPLM exposes it all that the author was a desperate person who subsists on lies with petty cash. If the purported authors were real SPLM members,they would have posted it on the SPLM Forum. This questions its veracity.

The author is a South Sudan citizen and can be reached at kennedy1998

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